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Sunday, 24 March 2013

What have u learnt throughout this semester in BELL 311?

In my view I have learnt a lot for BELL 311 compared to others semester. This semester I more focus on BELL 311 maybe because Miss Zu ask us to make blog, create a port folio and many more. She have teach about rephrase, how to quotation, to make a references and others. 

I also scared when most of my friend that had taken BELL 311 before told me that this semester your BELL is going to be different in terms of writing the essay. That’s make me wonder. Is that true?? So when I learnt BELL 311 this semester I felt that a bit harder and confusing. Syukur Alhamdulillah Miss Zu has taught us many ways to make us love to attend the class which is she make a game or activity. She also plays a video clip, give cards and others. I think in this way student can remember what kind of game that they play then it is relate with our BELL 311.

Do you think that your writing skills have improved?

I think it being improved in terms of knows the 5 types of writing pattern. I also felt that my spellings have been improved. This is because Miss Zu has asked us to make the term paper essays. So these have taught us how to make a proper writing, In kind of hook for the attraction the readers. My grammar also has getting better than before. To being honest, grammar is the hardest thing to understand but I know it is not Miss Zu or others BELL lectures fault but it is my fault because lazy to learn and know the truth of grammar.

Overall, when I writing a essays especially argumentative essays it will be easier because Miss Zu have teach I from A to Z. Insyaallah with the all that Miss Zu have teach us, I will implied it in my essays in BELL 311 final exam. 

To me Miss Zu have implement all of this good way.

What do you think of expressing your feeling throughout via e-diary (Blogging)

In my view, expressing my feeling throughout via e-diary (Blogging) is the great idea.
  1. You can express what do you think, you are right and what are wrong. This maybe will repair our own mistake.
  2. You will feel better when you express all what you feel in the blog. So in this way you can feel satisfied.
  3. Sometimes express feeling in the blog also have it disadvantages when you feel so angry, you will write a bad word or gossip about someone person. Blogging is open and everyone can read yours. So this will have misunderstanding with the lecturer or a classmate.

What do you expect for examination in BELL 311 subject

Of course when you ask everyone in this University they want to get A+ for their final exam same goes to me. But my expectation is not high because I know my own level. If I want good marks I have to work harder and study smart to get flying colours. 

What does blogging teach you in BELL 311?

In my opinion blogging have teach me a lot in terms if writing, create a proper sentence and grammar. For spelling I have learn a lot of my mistake. This is because when I write an essay or a blog, it will show a green line or a red line. This shown that my spelling is wrong and I have to check my spelling again. After I have done many kind of writing in the Blogging so I have seen that I always have a same mistake in terms of spelling.

In grammar it also will show a line which tells you have a wrong grammar sentence. This have teach me when I have to using eat, ate, eaten. Blogging also make me to find a new word or we call it bombastic word. So I can stop using a same word in every time I post it.

Lastly, blogging make me to see how my friend creates their essays or their writing. I read and I will ask my self. Why she/he great in writing. Why don’t I?? This will make my feeling to compete to follow the right to be better than before.

Goodbye Miss Zu (21 March 2013)


Tonight is replacement class in 19/3/2013

Today Miss Zu plan want to discuss the Final examination format at the same time Miss Zu is collecting the yellow fail.

I have done the yellow fail but when Miss Zu checks my fail she was disappointed because the notes that she gives I didn’t put in the fail.

I am so sorry Miss Zu, I thought the paper notes only but the slide notes also must be put in the fail.

Then, Miss Zu has given us some tips to answer the Part B.

Before we finish the class, Miss Zu has advice us to do well in the BELL 311 final exams. It was a sad goodbye but before we go back to our collage Miss Zu asks us to go to other room, to have some dinner. Miss Zu have planed this, she have buy a Nasi Lemak and all the fast food for us. We so touched with this serve. We have spent a night with Miss Zu by taking a picture, sharing the food and drinks and farewell Miss Zu. Thank god Miss Zu has being our lecturer even many hardest thing that we being through but the only reason is Miss Zu want us to get a flying colours marks for the exam. Insha’Allah AMIN 

Quiz online problem (20 March 2013)


Today class Miss Zu plan want to check the exit survey and Online quizzes.
What a sad when the serve make a problem, so we cannot check who have done the online quizzes.

 So Miss Zu asks us to finish the exit survey after finish it we must update a blog or start commenting from the blog to others blog.

After 10 minutes passes.

We have got a new beautiful lecturer to teach us about Discussion type of writing. It makes us wonder??

The twins will present the discussion essay. The pattern is easy.

In thesis statement, we have to make an advantages and disadvantages but we have showed our stand more to advantages or disadvantages.

The twins have a great essay and they have present well to make us understand.

I have a problem in writing conclusion (19 March 2013)


Today I’m come late to the class. I arrived 4.30p.m to the class because I go to the print my essay.

I was scare to death, went enter the class.

Alhamdulillah Miss Zu in a good mood. hehehe

Miss Zu today has planned to make a conclusion and some of reading comprehension. How to answer in the final exam? And others.

It was fun when you know the answer because the answer is actly around the question and the passage.

As usual, Miss Zu will separate to a 6 group.
My group is Faiz Othman, Nadia Atikah and Adibah.
Miss Zu plays a video clip song “Bad days”and “The Lord of the rings- the Gollum “I was happy when see the Gollum because I remember Gollum favourite words “My precious” ...

Miss Zu asks for a conclusion for this video clip. As I told you in this entrance I WAS BAD IN WRITING A CONCLUSION. So the result my group get 1 marks / 4 marks.

Class cancel AGAIN !! (18 March 2013)


Class cancel because Miss Zu has a meeting. Actly we must passed up the argumantative essay today. I have done it in saturday. 

 “Women are becoming bolder as well as aggressive and men are more sensitive”

When we talk about men we know that men were born to become a leader in family or country. In this era, we can see men have held the world by become a success person such as Prime Minister, Chief Executive Organization, Pilot and others. Although, men are seen as aggressive, protective and stronger but nowadays, there is strong evidence that women are becoming bolder as well as more aggressive and independent in terms of time management and smarter as compared to men.

Men think being punctual show they are dependable. Some people believe that, they can rely on such a man – if he says he will be there, he’ll be there. But if a man is not punctual, others cannot depend on him, they do not know where he will be when they need him. Brett and Kate (2012) note “I have always been a quarter of an hour before my time, and it has made a man of me”. However, this statement is inconclusive especially when man states being late hurts your professional career. To begin with, women are good in their time management. Women also can easily do multi tasking without getting much stressed out rather men experience symptoms of stress if asked to manage many things at a time. Furthermore, women will prepare half an hour before there go to their works or school. So this has proven that women are more punctual than a man.

Some people believe that, men are smarter than women. Average man more intelligent than the average woman but also a clear and rather startling imbalance emerges between the sexes at the high levels of intelligence that the most demanding jobs require. Richard (2010) states, at the near-genius level (an IQ of 145), brilliant men outnumber brilliant women by 8 to one. Nevertheless, the fact is irrelevant to a woman reaching the higher echelons. Another reason, women actually is smarter compared to man in terms of education. It has been a word while those women are more academic and tend to get far better grades than men. It has been proven now that women really tend to get more educated and have an urge to study more than their counterparts. Surveys have also shown that women graduate more from college than men. Micheal (2012, as cited in James, n.d.) this is the first time in over 100 years women have scored higher IQ tests than men, and it’s likely due to all that multi-tasking women are so gosh-darned good at. Therefore, women are merely a good in education and smarter than men.
Opponents of this idea claim, women need men to guide them in their life and they can live without women. Men believe that he was born a leader and can manage them self when he is alone. Somehow, men can made something as simple as getting dressed painfully difficult. Jeans and a t-shirt even they all look similar. They also believe and just ahead of their time. So, without women also they can live. To a certain extent they are right. Nevertheless he still needs a woman to manage their food and others. Another point, woman is actually more independent. Women have the ability to manage the financial, children, houses, works and others. Sometimes, a man does not know anything because all the life management have manage by a women or wife. Louge (2012) argues, Independence to me means being able to take care of my own needs in a healthy manner, with or without a man. This shown without a man, women can be independent to manage everything.
 In a nutshell, Allah expresses that He created mankind “from a single entity” then created its mate; is “mate” in reference to the woman being created from the substance of man? Furthermore, is the Qur’an implying that the creation of the woman came after the making of the man? Based on the Qur’an we cannot deny that men are made to be with a woman. So, woman must know that a man is important to their life. Some people may even say that women cannot manage their time when there are so busy with their makeup, clothes and children. But what good does this when the women can be more punctual than men. Given the proof that women is become bolder as well as more destructive and self-determining in terms of manage the time and more brilliant compared to men.

Argumentative Essay (13 March 2013)

Assalamualaikum ,

Today class we are going to write about argumentative essay.

I feel syukur Alhamdulillah it’s our type of writing in term paper so we have been expert to do an argumentative essays. *actually not so expert.

We know that argumentative essay is a harder essay because you have to make Pro 1, Refutation and Con 1. The format is a bit harder because we have done the argumentative essays before in BELL 260. Went we learn BELL 260 the format is quick easy because we just using agree, agree, agree then in the conclusion we have to refutation the topic. So in BELL 311 the pattern of argumentative essay is totally different that’s make us harder to use the new pattern. Syukur Alhamdulillah Miss Zu has explained the pattern before we applied to the term paper.

Miss Zu has explained about the type of writing. In the thesis statement, it was using a different way. Then, Miss Zu gives an example of topic essay and Miss Zu asks for a thesis statement... arhh that was scary. Miss Zu wants to see thesis statement that are agreed and disagree with this topic. The scarier thing happen when Miss Zu called my named to present my own thesis statement.

Arhhhhhhhhh. So I present my thesis statement Alhamdulillah Miss Zu satisfied. *fuihhhh J . Same goes to Bariyah
Miss Zu asks us to make a argumentative essay... *-,-

“Women nowadays are aggressive and bolder and men more sensitive”  
We need to pass up this essay next Monday. It was terrible because we have 3 tests, 3 quizzes and 1 speaking test. As a student that we call study, I agree it and promise that we will submit the essay next Monday.

No class yeahh (12 March 2013)


Today we are going to the trip.
So, today class are being cancelled. 

Speaking Practice (11 March 2013)


Today our class is going to have a speaking Practice for the second time.
It was scary, when Miss Zu will pick No of group to do a speaking practice.
So the lucky group is Group No 5, Wasim group. *fuhhh i am save
There got an interesting topic which is “How to prevent the younger generation from homeless and running from their house?”

Speaking conditions:
  1.  You will give 1 minute to read the topic. When you got a topic, don’t write yet but just read and understand the topic well before start the speaking test.
  2. Then the examiner will ask, if you have the problem in understanding the topic.
  3. You will give 5 minute to write the point and conclusion.
  4.  After that, you will give 20 minutes to speaking with your candidate
  5. It will be start with the candidate A,B,C and D
  6. You must have a proper idea, opposite and conclusion.*I think that all that i understand about this speaking condition.

Continue with Wasim group, so they have done well but someone they still need more practice to sharp their speaking pronunciation and follow the rules by the Miss Zu.
Our class have being finished early because Miss Zu gives us a time / chance to practice with our group for speaking test.

You can see Miss Zu reaction and expression 
Urhhh so scared 

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Night class (25 Feb 2013)

Today Miss Zu plan to make a .... class
The class is at CL 1 (8 o'clock)

It's raining tonight
Feel hard to come to the class
I have plan to come early to the class because it's raining outside.
On my way to the class, I met syafiqah and Rozita
then, I have waiting for Nabila.

Enter the class, Miss Zu was a little bit dissapointed because we came late to the class
Miss Zu have waited for us in 25 minutes
hehehe sorry Miss Zu.

As what Miss Zu plan we have to learn about problem solution essays.
Miss Zu explain it one by one.
Then, we played a game .
I choose pattern 1, it a quiet hard
My topic is about people mind set that always judge people went see or hear something without check or see the background.

The topic is hard actly.
So alhamdulillah it done well even in a rushing way
We submit and

Pink paper + Blue paper (5 and 6 March 2013)

Today class we have to bring a laptop.
We have to finished the self editing properly.
After finish with edit, check the grammar problem and others.
We have to make a peer editing in the second of the Bright Pink colour paper.

We have to comment their essay for the last *hopefully this is the last
We also have to fill the form carefully
Fatin and Atikah Kardi have choose us to comment their term paper essays
We agree it .

When we buzy commenting Fatin and Atikah essays , Miss Zu came and give us one more paper but this the paper colour is blue.

Miss Zu said this is for us to give a marks for them but in a secretly.
We cannot show the blue paper to them.

Today is a bit tired because I have many things to do with the term paper and the updating the blog. Commenting term paper essay and others

*HOPEFULLY no more varieties of colour paper we get for the next week


Miss Zu have said that our group is going to be random ... AND people will say alaaaaaaaaaa
so Miss Zu ask us to count 1 to 7. It's going to be 7 group for speaking test. My speaking test members is Atikah Kardi, Nina Baizurah and Zubaidah. I okay with them :)

Then Miss Zu called group No 1 to try speaking test in front of us.
wooohhh that was scared
they got topic about "How to be punctual"

All of them, was good actly but when they are the first group I can see that there was so nervous.
everything is going well and when the candidates D speak she has out of track from the topic but when Faiz and Bariyah have help Ana to bring her to the topic. Alhamdulillah Ana know the flow.

At the same time, Miss Zu give us a paper to give a marks to them. I give them marks with the reference that Miss Zu have explain before the speaking practice.

Reduce plastic please! (4 March 2013)

Today is a nervous day for us :O because today we going to present a Forum .
A little bit messy when Syafiqah Azmi cannot come to class today,
because she have a period pain. I hope u getting well soon.
As I told u all before my group have 4 members.
When someone is absent, we only have 3 members which is 2 panel 1 moderator.

Wait A Minute, See The Planet
Faiz Othman as a prime minister of china
Nadiah Solehin as a housewife
Syafiqah Azmi as a CEO of TESCO

We have explain some fact about our planet that have destroy because of plastic bag.
We also give some ways to reduce using plastic bag.
Alhamdulillah it done well

Next, Miss Zu have give us a bright pink colour paper. It have 2 pages.

1 - Self editing
2 - Peer editing

We have to finish it this friday Miss Zu want the paper back .

Syafiqah and I was buzy in editing the references. We only have 5 references, actly we have a lot of references but we only use 5 material.

Forum Time ! (27 Feb 2013)

Today is going to have a speaking in forum.
We have 6 group with a different topic.
As I told you before, my topic is about

" How to reduce usage of plastic bag "

So my panels and I have ready to present the forum.
We have seen many group that present very well and present in a creative way .
I remember this situation when Ana as panel in group 5 make a shock action.
when she enter to the top show she make her shawl as a purdah


It was shock because she never act like that before this. Good job Ana :)*you very supporting
Miss Zu also feel happy with the show of forum, that we made.

My group is a last group, we was expecting that our group is being postpone in next week.
And alhamdulillah our doa was makbul.
It have been postpone to next Monday. YEHAAAAA !!!

Before we end the class, Miss Zu have told us to make a comment or choose who is the best moderator and panel.

Comment For moderator :

Ezani Zainal, in the beginning she seem a little bit nervous, after 5 minutes she getting okay and become a great moderator.
Atikah Ahmad of course she the best among the rest because she always present with her confidence.
Then, I also like when Nadia Zamri be a moderator, she was so energetic, funny, stylish and also supporting.
When Fikri Ismail be a moderator we know that our class is going to be entertaining because he have present with a "spontan" way.
Bariah Yunos, she have her own confidence. When she have a wrong in pronounsation she just chill like she didn't make any wrong. Her confidence was so high.

I think the best panel is Faiz Adha because he has his own style to talk with the audience.
Rozita also give a great info and a good example when she give a point. Actly all panels is the best for me.

that all for today xoxo PUBLSH !

Saturday, 2 March 2013

References (26 Feb 2013)

Today we learn about references
When we doing a draft for essays, we must have a references.
This is for the evident, that our quotes is true.

Miss Zu have explained it one by one
Miss Zu have use textbook Bell 311 as the example.
After explained, Miss Zu ask us to make it before submit the draft.

Here comes the speak !!
Miss Zu said it is Forum session
I am group no 6, and my members is Faiz Othman , Syafiqah Azmi and Nadiah Solehin.
we got this topic.

" How to reduce usage of plastic bag "

Miss Zu ask for a moderate in every group and my members have pick me to be moderator.
ARHHH !!!!
It so scared. *When Miss Zu said we have to be like the host

Miss Zu give a permission to find a info in the internet.
It's make me easier to find a point.
Hopefully tommorow, I can talk fluently and dont have a grammar mistake.

commenting twins essay (25 Feb 2013)

Today we bring laptop to the class 
We have to finished the draft and start commenting someone essays 
Miss Zu asks the twins who they want to be a partner of commenting.
They said Sarah and Syafiqah group. 
Miss Zu agree with that decision. 

So, Syafiqah and I start comment twins essays
They using Discussion essays.

After 1 hour we commenting, alhamdulillah it's done well.
Then the twins also comment our essays , we also have many mistake in grammar and format 
hehehe .

Thursday, 21 February 2013

See the block pattern (20 Feb 2013)

Class is at CL .Today as what Miss Zu said in yesterday. She wants to check our blog.
Alhamdulillah she didn't check hehehe, even I have done my updating in my blog but I still scared to give Miss Zu check my blog. I know I have glaring grammatical errors and sometimes translate all my Malays words directly to English without changing any sentence structure.*insyaallah with updating in this I can repair my grammar and try to find a new words.

Today Miss Zu have teach us about Format of a Cause - Effect Essays.
We learn about the block pattern of organisation. There are many different block patterns but we only take 5 pattern.

Miss Zu have explain one by one to us, Now I understand about the pattern. I more prefer to choose pattern No.4 and 5 because it only focus on the effect/causes, the cause/effect can be discussed briefly in the introduction. It easy right ...

Here comes the games !
Miss Zu have divide us to a 5 group same as the block pattern.
Then, she give us the pattern and I got pattern No.4 *yebayebayeba
She plays a video and we have try to guess what are the causes and effect that we can get in the video.

We got a video that tells us about the road accident and the main causes is not wearing a seat belt.
Miss Zu ask us to make an essays and pass up at 6 o'clock.
My team members is Wasim and the twins .

At 5.46,we combine our essays and Wasim have editing the format and we pass up .
Alhamdulillah it done well.

No class (19 Feb 2013)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Who kill Mr. Boddy ?? (18 Feb 2013)

Hello friend :) Class is at Dewan Seri Peria
So, How your holiday it was interesting or not ?? Hopefully it give you an enjoyable and memorable moment with your family and friend.

Many of my classmate is not attended to the Bell 311 class.. I don't know why. It's weird right ??For those that not feeling well. I hope you are getting well soon . Amin ..

Today we learn about "INFERENCES"
of course i don't know even Miss Zu have give a clue or hint. I still cannot see the meaning of inferences . So, when Syafiqah said it is just like guess / assumption someone when you see it, now I know it hahaha people always make their own assumption. I want you all one example : When they see someone have a big car or wear a Louis Vuition handbags , people will make assumption that people is rich but don't even know about that people background .

So, Miss Zu have create a game to make us more understand. This is for the reading section in final paper.The game is call "Who Kill Mr Boddy ??". Miss Zu give us a card that have a picture where Mr Boody being kill ?, what kind of weapon of Mr Boody being kill ? and How kill Mr Boddy ? Everyone got a different card and we have to check one by one card ..I got this picture


Everyone that see my card where laugh at me .. they said " Maybe Mr Boddy have been flash at the toilet bowl " -,- hahaha funny..uuhhh it is like a CSI *syafiqah and I want to be Hawain Five O.
At last, Wasim have end the problem . Syukur

After that ,we have been divided to 5 group to play a game. AGAIN !! yeahh
We have to guess what happen next ??

Miss Zu have played video clip Toy Story 3 , Walk to remember , and Grenade by Bruno mars *all video clip i have watch it .

For Toy Story 3 video clip we got it wrong ,because we dont listen properly Miss Zu. So, we got 0.
For Walk to Remember , we got 2 marks hehehe actly this is my fav movie , I have watch it many times.

The class end ...

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Try to pass up but ... (6 Feb 2013)

Alhamdulillah we have print it out but ....

Today class is at lab, for those who have done the outline have to check others group outline.
So Syafiqah and I have check Zubaidah and Ani group.
As I said before i'm very sensitive in format, I have help them to repair their outline and Syafiqah have check their outline on rephrase.

Then, Atikah Ahmad and Diba ask us to check their outline, They have a same problem with Zubaidah group and Syafiqah have check their paraphrase.

After check , the outline we find out that our conclusion is totally wrong and automatically. we reject the Outline .We repair ,edit and print a new one .

Then , Syafiqah open her blog to update the blog .
Alhamdulillah the class end well . :)

Do the outline - Part 2 (5 Feb 2013)

Today we have to bring a Laptop to the class .. againn !!
We have repair the outline yesterday because we don't have a class at 4-6 pm .
We decide to finished it so tomorrow we can check with Miss Zu .. what mistake that we have ??

Miss Zu enter the class and check the group that Miss Zu did'nt check yesterday. Syafiqah and I was excited to check with Miss Zu because we want to finish it early so we can go back home with a good feeling

After check one by one ..
Miss Zu check our outline and Alhamdulillah she satisfied.

After that , we decide to print it and try to submit on Wednesday ..
Then, will Miss Zu is buzy check my classmate blog
(We at the back) Syafqah, Twins and I open someone blog that i adore.
She the girl that I respect because of some reasons .

Her name is Dena Bahrin.
She a blogger you alls ... so all can follow her.
She only 20's , she have married and now she have a cute baby.
and I love her fashion too ..


Hahaha after we buzy checking someone blog
It' already 6 o'clock.
Shutdown the laptop, and go to the pasar :)

Do the Outline (4 Feb 2013)

Today class is at Dewan Seri Peria yeahhh ...
We come to class with the laptop, because it easy to check the outline.
We have done the outline for term paper, we made in the weekend .
Even it's done but when Miss Zu check our outline it still have a mistake
HAHAHA as usual lah ..

Our mistake is we did not make an rephrasing and summarizing on quetation .
We also forget to put "According to ...."
We accept it .. hehehehe

Then, we also check with the friend about our mistake...
Miss Zu also said if we did a wrong format our marks will (-5marks)
If 5 wrong (-25marks) OMG... no way !!
So i'm very busy and being sensitive on the format .

She also said that this outline must be passed up
This week on friday ..

I'm going back to Shah Alam on thursday ... So we have done the outline before thursday. :)

Repairing an Introduction (30 Jan 2013)

Today class is at lab,
We still continue with the thesis statement for Ita and Asnawi group's
When they present Miss Zu ask us "What mistake that you all can see on their thesis statement ?" We did not know the answer. Miss Zu was angry and pissed off again .Ooo....

In the end ,the thesis statement done.

Then, Miss Zu ask us to make an introduction and Miss Zu will check one by one .
Syafiqah and I have done the introduction .
When Miss Zu come to check our introduction, Miss Zu have trace many mistake on our sentence structure and of course the grammar.We accept our mistake. Alhamdulillah our introduction done well .

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Syukur (29 Jan 2013)

Today we have to present again our thesis statement 
Miss Zu mood is not really good , she getting angry when they see cause and effect group.
We getting nervous and scared to show our thesis but syukur alhamdulillah 


This is our thesis statement :-

"Others claim that by adding sex education in Malaysian educational system can make the social problem cases among students become even worse ,however, there are strong evidences show that by having sex education in school syllabus it can reduce the social problem."

After that we have to make an introduction 
The introduction we have make it 
We hold it because focus on thesis statement 

It's Public Holiday (28 Jan 2013)

Group session (23 Jan 2013)

Hello fellas, today class is at PTDI 1 yeahh
Miss Zu ask we to came the class, if we did not came to class. She said that our Bell 311 will FAIL ...
Wuhuuu ... Then, we came to the class and make a discussion about the thesis statement.

Aggrumantative group is :-

Faiz and Fikri
Atikah Kardi and Fatin
Nadiah Solihin and Nadia Zamri
Zubaidah and Farahani

As we know our mistake yesterday
Syafiqah and I have discuss to repair the thesis statement
Alhamdullilah it is better than before .

Then we helps others thesis statement :)
Class end at 6pm .

Reject the thesis statement (22 Jan 2013)

Today we are going to present our thesis statement .. i hate this part -,- because it is not easy to satisfied a lecturer . As usual, Miss Zu ask for a volunteer to present the thesis statement. The class being so silent.. krikkrikkrik. Then, syukur alhamdulillah Fikri and Faiz volunteer to present their thesis statement but it has being reject.

I have whisper with Syafiqah "Hmmm.. Miss Zu is not in the good mood. Are you sure that we going to present the thesis statement today ?". Then Syafiqah said "We have no choice because we have to passed up the outline this friday, we are going to shah alam this thursday. So, we have to show and redha if being rejected or what" .

When our name is being called by Ezani Zainal . We show our thesis statement, as we expect. Our thesis statement is being reject and Miss Zu have told us that we must to do this and that. Now we know our mistake.

Tomorrow Miss Zu will not be in the class

Miss Zu ask we to have a class at the library to make the thesis statement. We have to find our own group , for those people that make an aggrumantative essays have to discuss the pattern to make an thesis statement.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Class cancel (21 Jan 2013)

Make an Introduction (16 Jan 2012)

Assalamualaikum ,

Today our class is at computer lab in SL . Yesterday, Miss Zu give us a little info in making an introduction for term paper. Miss Zu have show us a new things that call THE HOOK.

The Hook is to catch the readers attention to read your essays or capture the reader's interest . 
more info in this web : http://www.goldstonegrants.com/grant-writing-the-hook/

She have give 8 ways to make an introduction which is :

2.contrast to the thesis statement
3.fact & statistic
4.current events
5.rhetorical question
7.personal example
8.funnel/broad topic/general statement

When Miss Zu explain about the introduction Syafiqah and I was confiendent that we can make many kind of introduction . Then we have plan to choose contrast to thesis statement personal examples ,quotations and  rhetorical question . 

Miss Zu have give us many sample of question from past semester student . We hope Miss Zu will not reject our introduction . Ameen :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

3 Thesis Statement please ! (15 Jan 2013)

Assalamualaikum .

Today we came late to class , because we have QMT quiz and we have to finished it before we go to Bell class .. So we have rushing to the class  We was thought that Miss Zu will be angry but she doesn't hehehe syukur alhamdulilah .

Miss Zu have approved all the topic for term paper and have give types of writing . So ,Miss Zu want us to start do an outline form an essays and Miss Zu want 3 thesis statement in next week for her to choose which is the best thesis statement and suitable with the pattern .

 what is thesis statement ??

Thesis statement is NOT to general and NOT to specific .eg : trailer or preview .*Miss Zu said 

As you know, we have 5 types of essays
  1. Cause- Effect Essays .
  2. Problem-Solution Essays.
  3. Comparison-Contrats Essays .
  4. Argumentative Essays.
  5. Discussion Essays .
.Syafiqah and I have choose Argumentative Essays . For the Argumentative Essays it has 3 patterns for us to choose . We have to choose the Pattern -> create thesis statement -> outline . We have decide to choose pattern 1 : 

Pattern 1 

Introductory paragaph:
Introduction stating the thesis statement 
Pro 1,with topic sentence 
Pro 2, with topic sentence 
Pro 3, with topic sentence 

Body paragaph:
Con(s), with topic sentence + Refutation (s)

Concluding paragaph:
Conclusion summarising the main ideas o restating the thesis statement .

Miss Zu have give many example from past semester student , so we have an ideas for do an outline and thesis statement . Miss Zu want us to understand properly because we have to make an essays in Final exam and we to know which is Discussion essays and comparison-contarts essays . If we make a mistake when creating an essays . We will get 0 marks even you make 2 pages an essays .

So we must understand the format well .
To get the correct essays when you writing in Final Exam. 

I'm bad in Debate ! (14 Jan 2013)

Assalamualaikum , Haluuuuu :)

Today class is very exciting .. because we have the debate session between goverment and opponent group .  Mine is in the goverment group which is No 1 and we got this topic :

"Is it consider cheating when your partner (girlfriend/ boyfriend/ husband/ wife) was checking on other beautiful girls/ boys/ men / women on facebook like poking, liking and etc."

My group is with Faiz Adha , Ezani , Ana , Acap , Bella and Diba . We have discuss what point that we must debate . It's come worst because we didn't get many point even we search in the internet many material in the internet have give a opposite of our point . Miss Zu have give us 15 Minutes to finish the point and get ready to debate .

Then , the Debate have start ... it was hard because we have to hear from the opponent group than relate with our point . This is some of our point 
  1. Can develop loving 
  2. When the partner is busy on checking on facebook , the have pay less attention to his/her partner . 
  3. Divorce - to the someone that have sensitive feeling it will make the couple / marriage go into divorce
  4. Broken relationship
  5. etc
We didn't have many points , we just go to the debate and try to debate as usual. hahaha When we debate , we will ask " What I'm talking about actly " see the problem hah ... haihh 

Then , Miss Zu ask another 2 Groups to debate . To me there have get a easy question

"Is it true that men are easy to work with and more creative than women especially when it involves group work?"

In my opinion , I choose men will be easier in do their group work . This is because :

-Women always have an emotional feeling 
-Women also have a temper when she in the bad mood 
-Women, if there have a broken relationship with their friend ,she will never say even a single words with her broken friend. 
-Lastly, Women is very sensitive when she was being scold 

But , I don't want to be buyest so Men also have it's bad habit which is there always give a work to the women . There don't even care about the paperwork . When , give an opinion Men just take it easy because they know that women can settle their work when they involves in group work . 

When the debate end , Miss Zu have decide that Group 2 and 4 win. The best debaters is Mohd Faiz Adha and Rozita :) 


Thursday, 10 January 2013

I can't open MY BLOG ! (9 Jan 2013)

Assalamualaikum ,
Today class is at Lab YEAHH .. 
can open a blog and start commenting others blog  unfortunately I can't open my blog . Mr Google said that I have make a new account for my new Blog . what !!! . 

I can only open my blog in my laptop . HAHA i don't why .
So i have spent a lot of time with Mr Google haihh , after half an hour I being bored and start looking my friends blog . I try to help my friend that her/his blog have a problem but Miss Zu to comment not helping . 


So ,I start comment but not using this blog , but just using my google account . Sorry friends :) 
I remember Miss Zu said :-

When boys blog -- it was dark and full of mystery.. erhh 
When girls blog -- it was to bright , colourful, full of pink , and some have put a song in their blog . 

See the different haih ... okay .bye2 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fact and Opinion (8 Jan 2013)

Assalamualaikum , 
Today class is at Usahawan 214 , 
We came early today ,while waiting Miss Zu enter to the class I and Syafiqah busy think about our focused topic .Then ,Miss Zu enter ,and she brought a BOX . I excited ,i know Miss Zu will make a game from the topic that we learn today . Today we learn about FACT & OPINION . Miss Zu have ask Wasim what is Fact and he said "fact is specific " "okay it's specific but give an example "Miss Zu said . Wasim said " Fikri is handsome " HAHAHAHA ... handsome is that Fact ! 

I was imagine that Wasim think that Fikri is handsome like ------

               Chris Hemsworth                  Ryan Reynolds                     Matthew Bomer

hmm okay continue...

A Fact is :-
  1. objective information that can be checked or proved to be true . 
  2. information that does not change 
An Opinion :-
  1. is a statement that cannot be proved to be true or false 
  2. is one 's personal belief , idea, or feeling about a subject.
After that , we have being divide in 6 group to play a game YEAH . My group is Nadiah Solehin , Ezani Zainal , Faiz Othman and Faiz Adha . We have to make 5 statement about our product and others will guess how many fact and opinion statement. We plan to make 3 Fact 2 opinon .Miss Zu have bring variety of product and we have to promote our product .Our product is ------>



busy discussing .. 

Nadia Zamri group .. 

Alhamdulillah ,my group and syafiqah group win , Win again :0 ..* aca' excusesme 
maybe this month i have luck when i join a game .. hehehe 
class finish at 5.50 PM .

Monday, 7 January 2013

Where the internet access ?? (7 Jan 2013)

Assalamualaikum , today class is at Dewan Seri Peria
Miss Zu ask we to bring laptop to class ... *yeahhh but a little bit heavy

As usual , Syafiqah and I still cannot finish the essays topic same with Zubaidah and Ani groups
Then , we start our lesson

1. Open the laptop
2. Find the internet access for Uitm student ...... where the internet access ???
3. BLANK ......
4. Shut down laptop.

Then i told Miss Zu why don't we go somewhere that can get internet access . Miss Zu really want us to create a new post and comment others blog . She will check in Wednesday . So, we didn't have any choice so we have to go to PTDI / Library .

The weather is hot because it on 2.30 pm . When arrived in library , we still cannot access the internet UiTM student wireless ,maybe it have a problem . Syukur alhamdulillah , Library have provided we computer so we only using the Library computer .

How we create a Topic ?

Today Miss Zu ask we to create a new post about our Mid term essays topic. Actually, i have post all my reject topic in my post from the beginning i present my topic . yahh never mind .. I tell you all again . 

In 18 Dec 2012 ,we have present 5 essays topic but it's have being rejected . 

This is my topic that have been rejected ..
  • Flodded by garbage.
  • The Culture victimisation at shopping Mall.
  • Theraphy for cancer patient .
  • Internet using among UiTM student 
  • Prank .

We have find all this topic in Newspaper and Syafiqah found in the internet . I find Newspaper at TV room at Sector C - Si Manja Kini , i take it all and find the newest topic but badly I did no How to create the focussed topic. We also go to the library , to find the material at Databases . 

In 19 Dec 2012 , we have choose "similarities and differences import car and local car " that is comparison and contrast essays . It so hard for us went we know this topic didn't have similarities to compare local car and import car . We have find it on Databases and in the internet it still doesn't have . I also ask my dad cause work at Proton since he 23 year until now and I am sure that he was expert in cars . Unfortunately, he said it doesn't have similarities , ayah said " only stering is a same " 

In 31 Dec 2012 , we have decide to choose this topic " bribery in business among Malaysian " This topic I have ask my friend from UiTM Lendu Melaka .We have a lot of material in bribery but we have choose the same topic with Solihin and Faiz group . So ,we have to change topic again . 

In 1 Jan 2013 we have confiendently choose this topicThe causes and effect : student malaysian want to study abroad " We have a lot of material unfortunately this topic also being rejected . This time Syafiqah and I was totaly fed up . We give up !! I was cryingggg , I call my mom and my friend ,what topic that I have do ?? 

In 2 Jan 2013 , I have give a list to Miss Zu check , at first I have list about 12 topic,I have ask my friend from UiTM Lendu , Arau Pahang , Chendering Terengganu and Pulau Pinang . I also ask my aunty , my parents and my sister .After I have discuss with Syafiqah . We try to make it specific because we want the topic /issue that have a lot of material . So it goes to 5 topic only :






.Alhamdulilah , our topic "  SEX EDUCATION IN MALAYSIA " is being approved but we have make a suitable focused topic . It also have a lot material in Databases , Newspaper , Internet and many others. 

In 9 Jan 2013, Miss Zu have help us to make suitable focused topic. At last it being approved . Syukur Ya Allah :) 



This is Argumentative essays it's hard but we try our best to excellent essays .Insha allah 

Then , Miss Zu also ask we to keep information of material in a table , so it's easy for us to find our resource when creating an essays . 

So here it is :- 

Newspaper (The Star online)
Malaysia says no to sex education .
asian one education
WEBSITE ADDRESS                              (ONLINE SOURCES)
DATE OF RETRIEVAL                        (ONLINE SOURCES)
1 Pages

News (Free Malaysia Today) 

Sex education : Piecemeal attempt won't help 

Jeswan Kaur
Free Malaysia Today 
WEBSITE ADDRESS                              (ONLINE SOURCES)
Free Malaysia Today.htm
DATE OF RETRIEVAL                        (ONLINE SOURCES)
1 Pages

Newspaper (The News Straits Times)
Sex Education : Teenagers need safe outlet to explore subject.
The News Straits Times
WEBSITE ADDRESS                              (ONLINE SOURCES)
The News Straits Times. com.my
DATE OF RETRIEVAL                        (ONLINE SOURCES)
1 Pages