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Thursday, 21 February 2013

See the block pattern (20 Feb 2013)

Class is at CL .Today as what Miss Zu said in yesterday. She wants to check our blog.
Alhamdulillah she didn't check hehehe, even I have done my updating in my blog but I still scared to give Miss Zu check my blog. I know I have glaring grammatical errors and sometimes translate all my Malays words directly to English without changing any sentence structure.*insyaallah with updating in this I can repair my grammar and try to find a new words.

Today Miss Zu have teach us about Format of a Cause - Effect Essays.
We learn about the block pattern of organisation. There are many different block patterns but we only take 5 pattern.

Miss Zu have explain one by one to us, Now I understand about the pattern. I more prefer to choose pattern No.4 and 5 because it only focus on the effect/causes, the cause/effect can be discussed briefly in the introduction. It easy right ...

Here comes the games !
Miss Zu have divide us to a 5 group same as the block pattern.
Then, she give us the pattern and I got pattern No.4 *yebayebayeba
She plays a video and we have try to guess what are the causes and effect that we can get in the video.

We got a video that tells us about the road accident and the main causes is not wearing a seat belt.
Miss Zu ask us to make an essays and pass up at 6 o'clock.
My team members is Wasim and the twins .

At 5.46,we combine our essays and Wasim have editing the format and we pass up .
Alhamdulillah it done well.

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