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Saturday, 2 March 2013

References (26 Feb 2013)

Today we learn about references
When we doing a draft for essays, we must have a references.
This is for the evident, that our quotes is true.

Miss Zu have explained it one by one
Miss Zu have use textbook Bell 311 as the example.
After explained, Miss Zu ask us to make it before submit the draft.

Here comes the speak !!
Miss Zu said it is Forum session
I am group no 6, and my members is Faiz Othman , Syafiqah Azmi and Nadiah Solehin.
we got this topic.

" How to reduce usage of plastic bag "

Miss Zu ask for a moderate in every group and my members have pick me to be moderator.
ARHHH !!!!
It so scared. *When Miss Zu said we have to be like the host

Miss Zu give a permission to find a info in the internet.
It's make me easier to find a point.
Hopefully tommorow, I can talk fluently and dont have a grammar mistake.

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