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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Do the Outline (4 Feb 2013)

Today class is at Dewan Seri Peria yeahhh ...
We come to class with the laptop, because it easy to check the outline.
We have done the outline for term paper, we made in the weekend .
Even it's done but when Miss Zu check our outline it still have a mistake
HAHAHA as usual lah ..

Our mistake is we did not make an rephrasing and summarizing on quetation .
We also forget to put "According to ...."
We accept it .. hehehehe

Then, we also check with the friend about our mistake...
Miss Zu also said if we did a wrong format our marks will (-5marks)
If 5 wrong (-25marks) OMG... no way !!
So i'm very busy and being sensitive on the format .

She also said that this outline must be passed up
This week on friday ..

I'm going back to Shah Alam on thursday ... So we have done the outline before thursday. :)

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