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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fact and Opinion (8 Jan 2013)

Assalamualaikum , 
Today class is at Usahawan 214 , 
We came early today ,while waiting Miss Zu enter to the class I and Syafiqah busy think about our focused topic .Then ,Miss Zu enter ,and she brought a BOX . I excited ,i know Miss Zu will make a game from the topic that we learn today . Today we learn about FACT & OPINION . Miss Zu have ask Wasim what is Fact and he said "fact is specific " "okay it's specific but give an example "Miss Zu said . Wasim said " Fikri is handsome " HAHAHAHA ... handsome is that Fact ! 

I was imagine that Wasim think that Fikri is handsome like ------

               Chris Hemsworth                  Ryan Reynolds                     Matthew Bomer

hmm okay continue...

A Fact is :-
  1. objective information that can be checked or proved to be true . 
  2. information that does not change 
An Opinion :-
  1. is a statement that cannot be proved to be true or false 
  2. is one 's personal belief , idea, or feeling about a subject.
After that , we have being divide in 6 group to play a game YEAH . My group is Nadiah Solehin , Ezani Zainal , Faiz Othman and Faiz Adha . We have to make 5 statement about our product and others will guess how many fact and opinion statement. We plan to make 3 Fact 2 opinon .Miss Zu have bring variety of product and we have to promote our product .Our product is ------>



busy discussing .. 

Nadia Zamri group .. 

Alhamdulillah ,my group and syafiqah group win , Win again :0 ..* aca' excusesme 
maybe this month i have luck when i join a game .. hehehe 
class finish at 5.50 PM .


  1. i love your product..congrates to your group because your groups wins that games..^_^

    1. Thank you Diba :) hehehe syukur alhamdulilah, maybe it just a game but i always want to be the best . U also can be winner adibah ..keep it up

  2. hey,my group also win this competition....
    I am being arrogant now...
    sarra, your product was good.can i have some of your trim coconut milk for my dishes..

    1. salam fikri ,
      i know laa ,you group win too --'
      product ! haha faiz othman is a good in picking the item
      if you want this product, go buy laa :P

  3. ''smart enemy will hits you exactly where you think you're safe" means over confident will make you careless. Luck is easy comes and easy goes.

    faiz adha

  4. salam faiz ,
    hmm why u so emotional
    i just said that maybe this week is lucky day .
    i don't over confident
    please think before u comment my entry -.-