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Monday, 31 December 2012

Reject Reject Reject ! ( 18 Dec 2012 )

Assalamualaikum , 
Today our class is at U214.

I'm so excited today because i want to present about my essays topic . I have make this topic 2 days before  I came to class . I have a lot of topic . When the class started ,Miss Zu have ask for a volunteer to present our essays . So, Syafiqah and I have decided to present but we was very disappointed when we present Miss Zu not in the good mood ,she was angry . Actually,I'm didn't know to make the essays topic . We have a problem at the topic .Then , we also have being scold because we don't have many material or evident to show to Miss Zu about our essays topic. After that, my mood totally down , because i not expect Miss Zu will scold like that and i wish that Miss Zu will show the right way to make a essays topic .

This is my topic that have been rejected ..

  • Flodded by garbage.
  • The Culture victimisation at shopping Mall.
  • Theraphy for cancer patient .
  • Internet using among UiTM student 
  • Prank .
 We redha and always try to find a great topic for my mid term essays topic .Everyone make mistake , and we try to repair our problem in making essays topic . 

Grammar problem (17 Dec 2012)

Assalamualaikum ,
Salam UiTM in my heart .*ecehhh

It's Monday , our class is at Dewan Seri Peria ..
In that day , we learning grammar. For me it's hard eventhough we have learnt it since we at the kindergarden but I still have a grammar problem . So when Miss Zu asking us about grammar , I'm totaly blank . So alhamdulilah  , Miss Zu have make some recab so i have remember and understand about grammar rule a little bit . In the same time , Miss Zu was very angry with us because when she ask ,we cannot answer Miss Zu question . I was very scared when Miss Zu in angry . My mood totaly gone :'(

Then Miss Zu explain us that grammar have :-

It's a lot !! No wonder I FORGOT hehehe*excuses 

So Miss Zu have teach us and some is input and some is going somewhere i don't know . Syukur alhamdulillah Miss Zu have a make some recab so me and my classmate can remember the grammar again . It also will help us easier to make an essays.  

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Writing problem ???

Assalamualaikum , 
Hello people we meet again !

Writing Writing Writing 

I always have a problem in writing , I always waste my time to find a words to start an introduction . This problem of writing , since I was in standard school till the University .I don't know why ?? For me it totally difficult because i want to have a good introduction to open the readers eyes and interested to read my writing more and more .. sometimes i feel giveup to writing an essays . My mom always said " Sarah you have to read more to get more marks and don't let the thought of putting pen to paper daunt you ". I am the one that hard to read a fiction book, novel or newspaper. so my mum said try to read that can attract you to read . So she buy me a CLEO magazine . I really like it because magazine have the colourful colours that attract me to read it and also have variety tips in our daily life. I also have interested to find a bombastic words , so when the words is hard to me to understand . I will highlight it and find the words in dictionary .. wink3 . Starting from that i started buy a magazine. 

so here some simple steps that always Miss Nabila (ex lecturer) told us :-
  1. Decide on your topic
  2. Prepare an outline / diagram of your ideas 
  3. Write the thesis statement
  4. Write the body
  5. Write the main points 
  6. Write the subpoints 
  7. Elaborate on the subpoints
  8. Write the conclusion
  9. Add the finishing touches .

My view in writing, the introduction is very important.. I'm also not good on writing but I will try my best to write an essay for this semester. A writer also have writing problem . So every people have it difficult time but we have to study hard and smart . Just wrote than didn't wrote anything .

Friday, 14 December 2012

Blogger in the Lab (12/12/2012)

Assalamualaikum , 
Today class is at CLL2 . Wee it's computer lab .. First time we enter that class after 3 semester in UiTM Segamat . It quick interesting :) It have 30 computer to student use it . 

Miss Zu have asked we to make a blog but some of my classmate still didn't have a blog and do not know how to use it . Alhamdulillah i have an experience blogging . So i as a FRIEND ... try my best to help them . Today class is creating a blog . Miss Zu always said to us " Don't feel burden " and she said 
" I Want You To Help Me To Help You " . That words make me realise ...

We as a student must follow what ever task that she give to us . 
 Then we also start following with each others.. I have see many kind of name that their use hahaha . In the same time , i have found Inayah Blog in 2010 and WawaAli Old Blog hahaha ,it's was interesting . 

Then Miss Zu told us the 7 things MUST inserted in the blog :-

  1. Your view of writing 
  2. Your view of blogging 
  3. 1st entry- Monday (3/12/12)
  4. 2nd entry- Tuesday (4/12/12)
  5. 3rd entry- Monday (5/12/12)
  6. 4th entry- Tuesday (10/12/12)
  7. 5th entry- Wednesday (11/12/12)

Before we end the Bell class , Miss Zu have ask we to find a pair ...AGAIN ,but this time to make an essay with a new topic .For example AES camera to catch car that driving in the high speed .
Miss Zu said she want that topic in next Monday .. and my classmates said WHATTTTT !! 
Miss Zu " Yahh , i want it next monday , dont feel burden student . I just want a topic and a point " 
Me " fuhh i thought Miss Zu want an essays " 
so my pair is Syafiqah Salleh . 

insyaallah we will find a interesting topic to make an essays :) 
we us luck . BYE2

Me with the half face --' ,Inayah , Barieya and Syafiqah ..

Thursday, 13 December 2012

That's Shocking !! (11/12/2012)

Assalamualaikum ,
Today class is at U214 and start at 4.00pm-6.00pm .

         Tuesday have a “pasar malam “ in our mind hopefully our class is finished early . Miss Zu enter the class and start with the presentation and then Miss Zu was wrote something in the white board . She wrote “ THAT’S SHOCKING “ hahaha it’s a game .

Miss Zu ask we to take a A4 paper then wrote 4 statements that can make ourclassmates shock  . hahaha interesting game . After  you wrote it , we have to make it as an aeroplane . Then we have to throw it . Make It fly away----- we have to take the aeroplane that’s not ours and have to present in front of people ..
Then Miss Zu pickes Fatin to open her aeroplane and tell people what was wrote in the paper . This game is extremely funny . We all can know many new thing about our classmates habit and bad experience. 

My aeroplane have been taken by Zubaidah . She read it loudly but my classmates can know that person is me . When Zubaidah read my no 2 statement which is collector of toys .=,= .. orhh .. Then it;s my turn to read ,after read it Miss Zu asked me to guess the person . hahaha HOW DO I KNOW ,who's that person . So i guess Fatin but it's wrong ..  Actly the person is Eika Ahmad . We have an enjoy moments till forget about the pasar malam .. Thanks Miss Zu 

This is my aeroplane . Rozita teach me how to made it
Thanks Rozita :)

Barieya , Inayah , I and Syafiqah aeroplane 

The boys is getting ready to make their aeroplane flyyyyyyyyyyy

Introduce your friend (10/12/2012)

Assalamualaikum , 
Happy monday .. class Bell have start at 2.10 pm - 3.50 pm 

       When Miss Zu enter the class, she have picked number 12( i guess ..) which is Nawi and Nadiah.  As i told you all before we have to make a presentation to intoduce your friends .  Actly , Solihin and I is not ready yet . While waiting Nawi and Nadiah present i wrote everything about Solihin . Thanks God , I know Solihin well because we a very close when we have a math class . So we always goes to study group . So i know a little bit about him . In the same time , Miss Zu have angy with the group presentation that not satisfied him. She give me 10minutes to discuss with your own partner . 

Then my name have being picked by Khairul Barieya . HAIHHHH .. So it's time to when present .I have to tell about Solihin biodata and 4 facts about him and one of the 4 facts is false, they must guess one false statement about Solihin . Solihin do a same thing like i do. Alhamdulillah our presentation satisfied Miss Zu but we have got a lot of mistaked in grammar . Insyaallah we all will take an action with the grammar mistake ....  

Class cancel .. (5/12/2012)

Assalamualaikum , 
Today class has being delay at 4.30pm .. YES ! YES !
Our CTU class have finished early , so we have 1 hour before Bell class begined then Syafiqah , Barieya , Inayah and I goes to the libary to fnd statistic reference .Hence, we also go to the unimart at uptown to buy some food to eat . At 4.20pm .. we move to SL .We was so excited it was our first time at computer lab in UiTM . After that we see no body was there . Then i check my phone , it's has 2 messages that informed class have being cancel . A little bit dissapointed , cause we have arrived at CL but realised that class have being cancel ..


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

We Must Create A Blog (4/12/2012)

Assalamualaikum ,
Today BELL 311 class start at 4.00-6.00pm . Seriusly !! when the class in the  evening everyone will feel tired and sleepy  but when Miss Zu enter the class she have bring the energy for us . Then, we start our  class as usual . Miss Zu have asked student to recall back what we have study in BELL semester 1 and 2 .
In my mind ,just think about the graph and pie chart but what the tittle ??? BLANK AGAIN  -.-
This semester we have to learn five types of essay which is :-

v  Argumentative Essay
v  Similar and compare Essay
v  Cause and effect Essay
v  Discussion Essay 
v  Problem solve evolution Essay

Then Miss Zu have said about google translate , Nowdays many student use google translate to make an essays ,sentence and idoms … I’m using it also, but my brother always ask me to stop using the google translate . I know the google translate have many errors because it translate all malays words directly to English without charging the sentence structure … it so hilarious !!

Back to Miss Zu class, when she talk about it I was laughing cause I very familiar with google translate then she ask me what do you know about GOOGLE TRANSLATE . I answer  “ google translate has many tutttttttttttttt.. (BLANK AGAIN)“ Miss Zu was angry she ask me what if you have a speaking test do you will speak with that answer … Actly , I’m the person that cannot be direct ask by teacher / lecterur . I think I have the sytomps of nervous ..  In that  time I feel shame and it’s make me motivate to speak in English with the confident ..  insyaallah .Then after class i have call my mom about my problem then my mom tell me to 
study hard in every subject i take . Then my mom brought me this book ..

Thanks Ibu .. 
I will put some information that have in this book in every post in this blog 

Continueee… with Miss Zu class

She ask we to divided into a pair to introduce your friends biodata and 4 facts about him and guess one of the wrong fact . I have be pair with MOHD SOLIHIN BIN MOHD GHAZALI . arhhh why himmm ..  to know more see yaa in my next post . Salam J

New semester New Book (3/12/2012)

New semester have begin ..
 Alhamdulillah semester two done with a good result ,
My parents proud of me even I’m not getting a deanlist result but my parents see my increasing in every semester . In the beginning I’m a little bit disappointed  with my result but when I see my parents happy with my result I feel that I don’t have to get disappointed , but I have to study harder + smarter to have a great result .. okay2 stop with my result story .

           Now I have start third semester in UiTM Segamat Johor .. Our class begin at 8.00 am ...hmm to be honest it’s hard to wakeup after I have a long semester break . First classes is Finance 242 our classes at BK or we call it Bilik Kayangan hehehe actly I’m not sure . Second classes is extremely scared when it’s goes to Language subject which is Arab 101. When we start Arab classes , the lecterur talk everything in Bahasa Arab .. and I just BLANK and then my lecterur ask all student to introduce himself in Arab language  arhhhh for this time I not only BLANK but i feel that i want to transfer to other classes .After 1 hours with Miss Munirah i realise that Arab language it’s not harder as I espect , Arab language is interesting when we have a interested to learn .Insyaallah 

        In 2.10 Pm we all going to DSP or Dewan Seri Peria . YAH YAH YAH it’s nervous to get a English lecterur because I have a bad experience to have a English teacher when I’m in standard 5 in school . I came early 1.45pm because I want to be punctual ececeh . Then I see one beautiful woman walk with the high heels shoes, when I see her face It’s make me think about The Famous teacher at youtube “Cikgu Shida dari Parit “ . hehehe sorry miss zu and my lecterur name is Miss Zuraidah Binti Sumery .. she have her own style .. we love it  . As usuall we have introducing session but with miss Zu she has it’s own way .. which is we have to make a 2 circle then it will turn around to change a partner . We have giving 2 topic to speak with friends

1.Introduce about yourself  
2. Malaysia versus Indonesia (AFF SUZUKI Sport). 

It is quick interesting :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Purpose ??


Ohh my english ,
To me bad english is becoming a trend ! don't you think ?? more often than not , we (or rather i ) purposely use sentences with glaring grammatical errors to sound casual and funny . When coversing with friends , I would jokingly translate all my Malays words to English without charging the sentence structure ...
so... THIS NEW SEMESTER ,my english lecterur have told us told make a
 Blog special for Bell 311 will call it "English For Academic Purpose "
Hmm is a quick hard but insyaallah i will try my best to throw away my glaring grammatical errors and try to speak english oftenly with my friend and family . 

Top Ten Reasons You Must Create A Blog in ENGLISH :-

  • To improve your skills writing espicially in BELL 311 test examination
  • To  learn a lot by researching the grammatical errors 
  • Can make you easier when your writing an essays in examinantion 
  • Will be happier and more confident 
  • You will come to know yourself much better
  • You can learn new bombastic words
  • You will never again have to fear being called on the speak 
  • English will help you in futher , when you want study , work and bla bla bla .. all of this use english so make a blog in to improve your english 
  • Will avoid you from get a shame with the glaring grammatically when you do a presentation or go for interview .
That all from me .. insyaallah i will share more info about  Importance of ENGLISH 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

New Blogger

Bismilahirohmanirohim, Assalamualaikum..

Dear Reader ,

I am Nur Sarah Aimin Binti Mohd Safari and live at Shah Alam , Selangor . I a new blogger yah yah i will right all words and sentence in english .. miss zu or her full name is Miss Zuraidah Binti Sumery said all in ENGLISH bold red like this --> ENGLISH. Understood ?? ececeh..  okay continue , maybe you all can see many grammar errors and wrong spelling in my sentence . I actually not good english and easy get nervous when have to talk in english in the public.So if i make a mistake in english do leave a comment . I hope u all can help me to improve my english .. OHHH MY ENGLISH