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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Who kill Mr. Boddy ?? (18 Feb 2013)

Hello friend :) Class is at Dewan Seri Peria
So, How your holiday it was interesting or not ?? Hopefully it give you an enjoyable and memorable moment with your family and friend.

Many of my classmate is not attended to the Bell 311 class.. I don't know why. It's weird right ??For those that not feeling well. I hope you are getting well soon . Amin ..

Today we learn about "INFERENCES"
of course i don't know even Miss Zu have give a clue or hint. I still cannot see the meaning of inferences . So, when Syafiqah said it is just like guess / assumption someone when you see it, now I know it hahaha people always make their own assumption. I want you all one example : When they see someone have a big car or wear a Louis Vuition handbags , people will make assumption that people is rich but don't even know about that people background .

So, Miss Zu have create a game to make us more understand. This is for the reading section in final paper.The game is call "Who Kill Mr Boddy ??". Miss Zu give us a card that have a picture where Mr Boody being kill ?, what kind of weapon of Mr Boody being kill ? and How kill Mr Boddy ? Everyone got a different card and we have to check one by one card ..I got this picture


Everyone that see my card where laugh at me .. they said " Maybe Mr Boddy have been flash at the toilet bowl " -,- hahaha funny..uuhhh it is like a CSI *syafiqah and I want to be Hawain Five O.
At last, Wasim have end the problem . Syukur

After that ,we have been divided to 5 group to play a game. AGAIN !! yeahh
We have to guess what happen next ??

Miss Zu have played video clip Toy Story 3 , Walk to remember , and Grenade by Bruno mars *all video clip i have watch it .

For Toy Story 3 video clip we got it wrong ,because we dont listen properly Miss Zu. So, we got 0.
For Walk to Remember , we got 2 marks hehehe actly this is my fav movie , I have watch it many times.

The class end ...

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