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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Night class (25 Feb 2013)

Today Miss Zu plan to make a .... class
The class is at CL 1 (8 o'clock)

It's raining tonight
Feel hard to come to the class
I have plan to come early to the class because it's raining outside.
On my way to the class, I met syafiqah and Rozita
then, I have waiting for Nabila.

Enter the class, Miss Zu was a little bit dissapointed because we came late to the class
Miss Zu have waited for us in 25 minutes
hehehe sorry Miss Zu.

As what Miss Zu plan we have to learn about problem solution essays.
Miss Zu explain it one by one.
Then, we played a game .
I choose pattern 1, it a quiet hard
My topic is about people mind set that always judge people went see or hear something without check or see the background.

The topic is hard actly.
So alhamdulillah it done well even in a rushing way
We submit and

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