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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Speaking Practice (11 March 2013)


Today our class is going to have a speaking Practice for the second time.
It was scary, when Miss Zu will pick No of group to do a speaking practice.
So the lucky group is Group No 5, Wasim group. *fuhhh i am save
There got an interesting topic which is “How to prevent the younger generation from homeless and running from their house?”

Speaking conditions:
  1.  You will give 1 minute to read the topic. When you got a topic, don’t write yet but just read and understand the topic well before start the speaking test.
  2. Then the examiner will ask, if you have the problem in understanding the topic.
  3. You will give 5 minute to write the point and conclusion.
  4.  After that, you will give 20 minutes to speaking with your candidate
  5. It will be start with the candidate A,B,C and D
  6. You must have a proper idea, opposite and conclusion.*I think that all that i understand about this speaking condition.

Continue with Wasim group, so they have done well but someone they still need more practice to sharp their speaking pronunciation and follow the rules by the Miss Zu.
Our class have being finished early because Miss Zu gives us a time / chance to practice with our group for speaking test.

You can see Miss Zu reaction and expression 
Urhhh so scared 

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