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Sunday, 24 March 2013

I have a problem in writing conclusion (19 March 2013)


Today I’m come late to the class. I arrived 4.30p.m to the class because I go to the print my essay.

I was scare to death, went enter the class.

Alhamdulillah Miss Zu in a good mood. hehehe

Miss Zu today has planned to make a conclusion and some of reading comprehension. How to answer in the final exam? And others.

It was fun when you know the answer because the answer is actly around the question and the passage.

As usual, Miss Zu will separate to a 6 group.
My group is Faiz Othman, Nadia Atikah and Adibah.
Miss Zu plays a video clip song “Bad days”and “The Lord of the rings- the Gollum “I was happy when see the Gollum because I remember Gollum favourite words “My precious” ...

Miss Zu asks for a conclusion for this video clip. As I told you in this entrance I WAS BAD IN WRITING A CONCLUSION. So the result my group get 1 marks / 4 marks.

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  1. really sara 1/4? u good in english sara, i don't know i not attending class that day, and maybe u can teach me what have u learn that day. hehehehe.