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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pink paper + Blue paper (5 and 6 March 2013)

Today class we have to bring a laptop.
We have to finished the self editing properly.
After finish with edit, check the grammar problem and others.
We have to make a peer editing in the second of the Bright Pink colour paper.

We have to comment their essay for the last *hopefully this is the last
We also have to fill the form carefully
Fatin and Atikah Kardi have choose us to comment their term paper essays
We agree it .

When we buzy commenting Fatin and Atikah essays , Miss Zu came and give us one more paper but this the paper colour is blue.

Miss Zu said this is for us to give a marks for them but in a secretly.
We cannot show the blue paper to them.

Today is a bit tired because I have many things to do with the term paper and the updating the blog. Commenting term paper essay and others

*HOPEFULLY no more varieties of colour paper we get for the next week


Miss Zu have said that our group is going to be random ... AND people will say alaaaaaaaaaa
so Miss Zu ask us to count 1 to 7. It's going to be 7 group for speaking test. My speaking test members is Atikah Kardi, Nina Baizurah and Zubaidah. I okay with them :)

Then Miss Zu called group No 1 to try speaking test in front of us.
wooohhh that was scared
they got topic about "How to be punctual"

All of them, was good actly but when they are the first group I can see that there was so nervous.
everything is going well and when the candidates D speak she has out of track from the topic but when Faiz and Bariyah have help Ana to bring her to the topic. Alhamdulillah Ana know the flow.

At the same time, Miss Zu give us a paper to give a marks to them. I give them marks with the reference that Miss Zu have explain before the speaking practice.

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