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Sunday, 24 March 2013

What have u learnt throughout this semester in BELL 311?

In my view I have learnt a lot for BELL 311 compared to others semester. This semester I more focus on BELL 311 maybe because Miss Zu ask us to make blog, create a port folio and many more. She have teach about rephrase, how to quotation, to make a references and others. 

I also scared when most of my friend that had taken BELL 311 before told me that this semester your BELL is going to be different in terms of writing the essay. That’s make me wonder. Is that true?? So when I learnt BELL 311 this semester I felt that a bit harder and confusing. Syukur Alhamdulillah Miss Zu has taught us many ways to make us love to attend the class which is she make a game or activity. She also plays a video clip, give cards and others. I think in this way student can remember what kind of game that they play then it is relate with our BELL 311.

Do you think that your writing skills have improved?

I think it being improved in terms of knows the 5 types of writing pattern. I also felt that my spellings have been improved. This is because Miss Zu has asked us to make the term paper essays. So these have taught us how to make a proper writing, In kind of hook for the attraction the readers. My grammar also has getting better than before. To being honest, grammar is the hardest thing to understand but I know it is not Miss Zu or others BELL lectures fault but it is my fault because lazy to learn and know the truth of grammar.

Overall, when I writing a essays especially argumentative essays it will be easier because Miss Zu have teach I from A to Z. Insyaallah with the all that Miss Zu have teach us, I will implied it in my essays in BELL 311 final exam. 

To me Miss Zu have implement all of this good way.

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