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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Group session (23 Jan 2013)

Hello fellas, today class is at PTDI 1 yeahh
Miss Zu ask we to came the class, if we did not came to class. She said that our Bell 311 will FAIL ...
Wuhuuu ... Then, we came to the class and make a discussion about the thesis statement.

Aggrumantative group is :-

Faiz and Fikri
Atikah Kardi and Fatin
Nadiah Solihin and Nadia Zamri
Zubaidah and Farahani

As we know our mistake yesterday
Syafiqah and I have discuss to repair the thesis statement
Alhamdullilah it is better than before .

Then we helps others thesis statement :)
Class end at 6pm .

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