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Sunday, 24 March 2013

What have u learnt throughout this semester in BELL 311?

In my view I have learnt a lot for BELL 311 compared to others semester. This semester I more focus on BELL 311 maybe because Miss Zu ask us to make blog, create a port folio and many more. She have teach about rephrase, how to quotation, to make a references and others. 

I also scared when most of my friend that had taken BELL 311 before told me that this semester your BELL is going to be different in terms of writing the essay. That’s make me wonder. Is that true?? So when I learnt BELL 311 this semester I felt that a bit harder and confusing. Syukur Alhamdulillah Miss Zu has taught us many ways to make us love to attend the class which is she make a game or activity. She also plays a video clip, give cards and others. I think in this way student can remember what kind of game that they play then it is relate with our BELL 311.

Do you think that your writing skills have improved?

I think it being improved in terms of knows the 5 types of writing pattern. I also felt that my spellings have been improved. This is because Miss Zu has asked us to make the term paper essays. So these have taught us how to make a proper writing, In kind of hook for the attraction the readers. My grammar also has getting better than before. To being honest, grammar is the hardest thing to understand but I know it is not Miss Zu or others BELL lectures fault but it is my fault because lazy to learn and know the truth of grammar.

Overall, when I writing a essays especially argumentative essays it will be easier because Miss Zu have teach I from A to Z. Insyaallah with the all that Miss Zu have teach us, I will implied it in my essays in BELL 311 final exam. 

To me Miss Zu have implement all of this good way.

What do you think of expressing your feeling throughout via e-diary (Blogging)

In my view, expressing my feeling throughout via e-diary (Blogging) is the great idea.
  1. You can express what do you think, you are right and what are wrong. This maybe will repair our own mistake.
  2. You will feel better when you express all what you feel in the blog. So in this way you can feel satisfied.
  3. Sometimes express feeling in the blog also have it disadvantages when you feel so angry, you will write a bad word or gossip about someone person. Blogging is open and everyone can read yours. So this will have misunderstanding with the lecturer or a classmate.

What do you expect for examination in BELL 311 subject

Of course when you ask everyone in this University they want to get A+ for their final exam same goes to me. But my expectation is not high because I know my own level. If I want good marks I have to work harder and study smart to get flying colours. 

What does blogging teach you in BELL 311?

In my opinion blogging have teach me a lot in terms if writing, create a proper sentence and grammar. For spelling I have learn a lot of my mistake. This is because when I write an essay or a blog, it will show a green line or a red line. This shown that my spelling is wrong and I have to check my spelling again. After I have done many kind of writing in the Blogging so I have seen that I always have a same mistake in terms of spelling.

In grammar it also will show a line which tells you have a wrong grammar sentence. This have teach me when I have to using eat, ate, eaten. Blogging also make me to find a new word or we call it bombastic word. So I can stop using a same word in every time I post it.

Lastly, blogging make me to see how my friend creates their essays or their writing. I read and I will ask my self. Why she/he great in writing. Why don’t I?? This will make my feeling to compete to follow the right to be better than before.

Goodbye Miss Zu (21 March 2013)


Tonight is replacement class in 19/3/2013

Today Miss Zu plan want to discuss the Final examination format at the same time Miss Zu is collecting the yellow fail.

I have done the yellow fail but when Miss Zu checks my fail she was disappointed because the notes that she gives I didn’t put in the fail.

I am so sorry Miss Zu, I thought the paper notes only but the slide notes also must be put in the fail.

Then, Miss Zu has given us some tips to answer the Part B.

Before we finish the class, Miss Zu has advice us to do well in the BELL 311 final exams. It was a sad goodbye but before we go back to our collage Miss Zu asks us to go to other room, to have some dinner. Miss Zu have planed this, she have buy a Nasi Lemak and all the fast food for us. We so touched with this serve. We have spent a night with Miss Zu by taking a picture, sharing the food and drinks and farewell Miss Zu. Thank god Miss Zu has being our lecturer even many hardest thing that we being through but the only reason is Miss Zu want us to get a flying colours marks for the exam. Insha’Allah AMIN 

Quiz online problem (20 March 2013)


Today class Miss Zu plan want to check the exit survey and Online quizzes.
What a sad when the serve make a problem, so we cannot check who have done the online quizzes.

 So Miss Zu asks us to finish the exit survey after finish it we must update a blog or start commenting from the blog to others blog.

After 10 minutes passes.

We have got a new beautiful lecturer to teach us about Discussion type of writing. It makes us wonder??

The twins will present the discussion essay. The pattern is easy.

In thesis statement, we have to make an advantages and disadvantages but we have showed our stand more to advantages or disadvantages.

The twins have a great essay and they have present well to make us understand.

I have a problem in writing conclusion (19 March 2013)


Today I’m come late to the class. I arrived 4.30p.m to the class because I go to the print my essay.

I was scare to death, went enter the class.

Alhamdulillah Miss Zu in a good mood. hehehe

Miss Zu today has planned to make a conclusion and some of reading comprehension. How to answer in the final exam? And others.

It was fun when you know the answer because the answer is actly around the question and the passage.

As usual, Miss Zu will separate to a 6 group.
My group is Faiz Othman, Nadia Atikah and Adibah.
Miss Zu plays a video clip song “Bad days”and “The Lord of the rings- the Gollum “I was happy when see the Gollum because I remember Gollum favourite words “My precious” ...

Miss Zu asks for a conclusion for this video clip. As I told you in this entrance I WAS BAD IN WRITING A CONCLUSION. So the result my group get 1 marks / 4 marks.

Class cancel AGAIN !! (18 March 2013)


Class cancel because Miss Zu has a meeting. Actly we must passed up the argumantative essay today. I have done it in saturday. 

 “Women are becoming bolder as well as aggressive and men are more sensitive”

When we talk about men we know that men were born to become a leader in family or country. In this era, we can see men have held the world by become a success person such as Prime Minister, Chief Executive Organization, Pilot and others. Although, men are seen as aggressive, protective and stronger but nowadays, there is strong evidence that women are becoming bolder as well as more aggressive and independent in terms of time management and smarter as compared to men.

Men think being punctual show they are dependable. Some people believe that, they can rely on such a man – if he says he will be there, he’ll be there. But if a man is not punctual, others cannot depend on him, they do not know where he will be when they need him. Brett and Kate (2012) note “I have always been a quarter of an hour before my time, and it has made a man of me”. However, this statement is inconclusive especially when man states being late hurts your professional career. To begin with, women are good in their time management. Women also can easily do multi tasking without getting much stressed out rather men experience symptoms of stress if asked to manage many things at a time. Furthermore, women will prepare half an hour before there go to their works or school. So this has proven that women are more punctual than a man.

Some people believe that, men are smarter than women. Average man more intelligent than the average woman but also a clear and rather startling imbalance emerges between the sexes at the high levels of intelligence that the most demanding jobs require. Richard (2010) states, at the near-genius level (an IQ of 145), brilliant men outnumber brilliant women by 8 to one. Nevertheless, the fact is irrelevant to a woman reaching the higher echelons. Another reason, women actually is smarter compared to man in terms of education. It has been a word while those women are more academic and tend to get far better grades than men. It has been proven now that women really tend to get more educated and have an urge to study more than their counterparts. Surveys have also shown that women graduate more from college than men. Micheal (2012, as cited in James, n.d.) this is the first time in over 100 years women have scored higher IQ tests than men, and it’s likely due to all that multi-tasking women are so gosh-darned good at. Therefore, women are merely a good in education and smarter than men.
Opponents of this idea claim, women need men to guide them in their life and they can live without women. Men believe that he was born a leader and can manage them self when he is alone. Somehow, men can made something as simple as getting dressed painfully difficult. Jeans and a t-shirt even they all look similar. They also believe and just ahead of their time. So, without women also they can live. To a certain extent they are right. Nevertheless he still needs a woman to manage their food and others. Another point, woman is actually more independent. Women have the ability to manage the financial, children, houses, works and others. Sometimes, a man does not know anything because all the life management have manage by a women or wife. Louge (2012) argues, Independence to me means being able to take care of my own needs in a healthy manner, with or without a man. This shown without a man, women can be independent to manage everything.
 In a nutshell, Allah expresses that He created mankind “from a single entity” then created its mate; is “mate” in reference to the woman being created from the substance of man? Furthermore, is the Qur’an implying that the creation of the woman came after the making of the man? Based on the Qur’an we cannot deny that men are made to be with a woman. So, woman must know that a man is important to their life. Some people may even say that women cannot manage their time when there are so busy with their makeup, clothes and children. But what good does this when the women can be more punctual than men. Given the proof that women is become bolder as well as more destructive and self-determining in terms of manage the time and more brilliant compared to men.