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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Goodbye Miss Zu (21 March 2013)


Tonight is replacement class in 19/3/2013

Today Miss Zu plan want to discuss the Final examination format at the same time Miss Zu is collecting the yellow fail.

I have done the yellow fail but when Miss Zu checks my fail she was disappointed because the notes that she gives I didn’t put in the fail.

I am so sorry Miss Zu, I thought the paper notes only but the slide notes also must be put in the fail.

Then, Miss Zu has given us some tips to answer the Part B.

Before we finish the class, Miss Zu has advice us to do well in the BELL 311 final exams. It was a sad goodbye but before we go back to our collage Miss Zu asks us to go to other room, to have some dinner. Miss Zu have planed this, she have buy a Nasi Lemak and all the fast food for us. We so touched with this serve. We have spent a night with Miss Zu by taking a picture, sharing the food and drinks and farewell Miss Zu. Thank god Miss Zu has being our lecturer even many hardest thing that we being through but the only reason is Miss Zu want us to get a flying colours marks for the exam. Insha’Allah AMIN 

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