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Thursday, 21 February 2013

See the block pattern (20 Feb 2013)

Class is at CL .Today as what Miss Zu said in yesterday. She wants to check our blog.
Alhamdulillah she didn't check hehehe, even I have done my updating in my blog but I still scared to give Miss Zu check my blog. I know I have glaring grammatical errors and sometimes translate all my Malays words directly to English without changing any sentence structure.*insyaallah with updating in this I can repair my grammar and try to find a new words.

Today Miss Zu have teach us about Format of a Cause - Effect Essays.
We learn about the block pattern of organisation. There are many different block patterns but we only take 5 pattern.

Miss Zu have explain one by one to us, Now I understand about the pattern. I more prefer to choose pattern No.4 and 5 because it only focus on the effect/causes, the cause/effect can be discussed briefly in the introduction. It easy right ...

Here comes the games !
Miss Zu have divide us to a 5 group same as the block pattern.
Then, she give us the pattern and I got pattern No.4 *yebayebayeba
She plays a video and we have try to guess what are the causes and effect that we can get in the video.

We got a video that tells us about the road accident and the main causes is not wearing a seat belt.
Miss Zu ask us to make an essays and pass up at 6 o'clock.
My team members is Wasim and the twins .

At 5.46,we combine our essays and Wasim have editing the format and we pass up .
Alhamdulillah it done well.

No class (19 Feb 2013)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Who kill Mr. Boddy ?? (18 Feb 2013)

Hello friend :) Class is at Dewan Seri Peria
So, How your holiday it was interesting or not ?? Hopefully it give you an enjoyable and memorable moment with your family and friend.

Many of my classmate is not attended to the Bell 311 class.. I don't know why. It's weird right ??For those that not feeling well. I hope you are getting well soon . Amin ..

Today we learn about "INFERENCES"
of course i don't know even Miss Zu have give a clue or hint. I still cannot see the meaning of inferences . So, when Syafiqah said it is just like guess / assumption someone when you see it, now I know it hahaha people always make their own assumption. I want you all one example : When they see someone have a big car or wear a Louis Vuition handbags , people will make assumption that people is rich but don't even know about that people background .

So, Miss Zu have create a game to make us more understand. This is for the reading section in final paper.The game is call "Who Kill Mr Boddy ??". Miss Zu give us a card that have a picture where Mr Boody being kill ?, what kind of weapon of Mr Boody being kill ? and How kill Mr Boddy ? Everyone got a different card and we have to check one by one card ..I got this picture


Everyone that see my card where laugh at me .. they said " Maybe Mr Boddy have been flash at the toilet bowl " -,- hahaha funny..uuhhh it is like a CSI *syafiqah and I want to be Hawain Five O.
At last, Wasim have end the problem . Syukur

After that ,we have been divided to 5 group to play a game. AGAIN !! yeahh
We have to guess what happen next ??

Miss Zu have played video clip Toy Story 3 , Walk to remember , and Grenade by Bruno mars *all video clip i have watch it .

For Toy Story 3 video clip we got it wrong ,because we dont listen properly Miss Zu. So, we got 0.
For Walk to Remember , we got 2 marks hehehe actly this is my fav movie , I have watch it many times.

The class end ...

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Try to pass up but ... (6 Feb 2013)

Alhamdulillah we have print it out but ....

Today class is at lab, for those who have done the outline have to check others group outline.
So Syafiqah and I have check Zubaidah and Ani group.
As I said before i'm very sensitive in format, I have help them to repair their outline and Syafiqah have check their outline on rephrase.

Then, Atikah Ahmad and Diba ask us to check their outline, They have a same problem with Zubaidah group and Syafiqah have check their paraphrase.

After check , the outline we find out that our conclusion is totally wrong and automatically. we reject the Outline .We repair ,edit and print a new one .

Then , Syafiqah open her blog to update the blog .
Alhamdulillah the class end well . :)

Do the outline - Part 2 (5 Feb 2013)

Today we have to bring a Laptop to the class .. againn !!
We have repair the outline yesterday because we don't have a class at 4-6 pm .
We decide to finished it so tomorrow we can check with Miss Zu .. what mistake that we have ??

Miss Zu enter the class and check the group that Miss Zu did'nt check yesterday. Syafiqah and I was excited to check with Miss Zu because we want to finish it early so we can go back home with a good feeling

After check one by one ..
Miss Zu check our outline and Alhamdulillah she satisfied.

After that , we decide to print it and try to submit on Wednesday ..
Then, will Miss Zu is buzy check my classmate blog
(We at the back) Syafqah, Twins and I open someone blog that i adore.
She the girl that I respect because of some reasons .

Her name is Dena Bahrin.
She a blogger you alls ... so all can follow her.
She only 20's , she have married and now she have a cute baby.
and I love her fashion too ..


Hahaha after we buzy checking someone blog
It' already 6 o'clock.
Shutdown the laptop, and go to the pasar :)

Do the Outline (4 Feb 2013)

Today class is at Dewan Seri Peria yeahhh ...
We come to class with the laptop, because it easy to check the outline.
We have done the outline for term paper, we made in the weekend .
Even it's done but when Miss Zu check our outline it still have a mistake
HAHAHA as usual lah ..

Our mistake is we did not make an rephrasing and summarizing on quetation .
We also forget to put "According to ...."
We accept it .. hehehehe

Then, we also check with the friend about our mistake...
Miss Zu also said if we did a wrong format our marks will (-5marks)
If 5 wrong (-25marks) OMG... no way !!
So i'm very busy and being sensitive on the format .

She also said that this outline must be passed up
This week on friday ..

I'm going back to Shah Alam on thursday ... So we have done the outline before thursday. :)

Repairing an Introduction (30 Jan 2013)

Today class is at lab,
We still continue with the thesis statement for Ita and Asnawi group's
When they present Miss Zu ask us "What mistake that you all can see on their thesis statement ?" We did not know the answer. Miss Zu was angry and pissed off again .Ooo....

In the end ,the thesis statement done.

Then, Miss Zu ask us to make an introduction and Miss Zu will check one by one .
Syafiqah and I have done the introduction .
When Miss Zu come to check our introduction, Miss Zu have trace many mistake on our sentence structure and of course the grammar.We accept our mistake. Alhamdulillah our introduction done well .

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Syukur (29 Jan 2013)

Today we have to present again our thesis statement 
Miss Zu mood is not really good , she getting angry when they see cause and effect group.
We getting nervous and scared to show our thesis but syukur alhamdulillah 


This is our thesis statement :-

"Others claim that by adding sex education in Malaysian educational system can make the social problem cases among students become even worse ,however, there are strong evidences show that by having sex education in school syllabus it can reduce the social problem."

After that we have to make an introduction 
The introduction we have make it 
We hold it because focus on thesis statement 

It's Public Holiday (28 Jan 2013)

Group session (23 Jan 2013)

Hello fellas, today class is at PTDI 1 yeahh
Miss Zu ask we to came the class, if we did not came to class. She said that our Bell 311 will FAIL ...
Wuhuuu ... Then, we came to the class and make a discussion about the thesis statement.

Aggrumantative group is :-

Faiz and Fikri
Atikah Kardi and Fatin
Nadiah Solihin and Nadia Zamri
Zubaidah and Farahani

As we know our mistake yesterday
Syafiqah and I have discuss to repair the thesis statement
Alhamdullilah it is better than before .

Then we helps others thesis statement :)
Class end at 6pm .

Reject the thesis statement (22 Jan 2013)

Today we are going to present our thesis statement .. i hate this part -,- because it is not easy to satisfied a lecturer . As usual, Miss Zu ask for a volunteer to present the thesis statement. The class being so silent.. krikkrikkrik. Then, syukur alhamdulillah Fikri and Faiz volunteer to present their thesis statement but it has being reject.

I have whisper with Syafiqah "Hmmm.. Miss Zu is not in the good mood. Are you sure that we going to present the thesis statement today ?". Then Syafiqah said "We have no choice because we have to passed up the outline this friday, we are going to shah alam this thursday. So, we have to show and redha if being rejected or what" .

When our name is being called by Ezani Zainal . We show our thesis statement, as we expect. Our thesis statement is being reject and Miss Zu have told us that we must to do this and that. Now we know our mistake.

Tomorrow Miss Zu will not be in the class

Miss Zu ask we to have a class at the library to make the thesis statement. We have to find our own group , for those people that make an aggrumantative essays have to discuss the pattern to make an thesis statement.