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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Reject the thesis statement (22 Jan 2013)

Today we are going to present our thesis statement .. i hate this part -,- because it is not easy to satisfied a lecturer . As usual, Miss Zu ask for a volunteer to present the thesis statement. The class being so silent.. krikkrikkrik. Then, syukur alhamdulillah Fikri and Faiz volunteer to present their thesis statement but it has being reject.

I have whisper with Syafiqah "Hmmm.. Miss Zu is not in the good mood. Are you sure that we going to present the thesis statement today ?". Then Syafiqah said "We have no choice because we have to passed up the outline this friday, we are going to shah alam this thursday. So, we have to show and redha if being rejected or what" .

When our name is being called by Ezani Zainal . We show our thesis statement, as we expect. Our thesis statement is being reject and Miss Zu have told us that we must to do this and that. Now we know our mistake.

Tomorrow Miss Zu will not be in the class

Miss Zu ask we to have a class at the library to make the thesis statement. We have to find our own group , for those people that make an aggrumantative essays have to discuss the pattern to make an thesis statement.

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