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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Rephrase the sentence (31 Dec 2012)

Assalamualaikum ,
The Holiday was END .. it so sad but we as a student have to face it
Today our class is at Dewan seri peria . yeahh it so near with my room hehehe
Syafiqah and I want to show Miss Zu our new topic .All the material we have print and the topic is perfect unfortunately Faiz and Solihin group have choose the same topic with us .The topic is " bribery in business among Malaysian "

ARHHH !! but now just redha what happen to us . Miss Zu also in a good mood. As long Miss Zu didn't get angry with us , we didnt stress to find a new topic over and over again . Miss Zu also ask we to be patient to find a great topic , she give us a motivate . Alhamdulilah my classmates also give a support a give a lot of idea .

Rephrase the sentence 
Means expressing someone else's ideas using your own words .
Miss Zu have teach us and I think is hard but it actly easy if we understand . You can see at page 25-27 in text book bell 311.

Miss Zu give us a homework page 26- 27 . The class end 

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