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Sunday, 24 March 2013

What does blogging teach you in BELL 311?

In my opinion blogging have teach me a lot in terms if writing, create a proper sentence and grammar. For spelling I have learn a lot of my mistake. This is because when I write an essay or a blog, it will show a green line or a red line. This shown that my spelling is wrong and I have to check my spelling again. After I have done many kind of writing in the Blogging so I have seen that I always have a same mistake in terms of spelling.

In grammar it also will show a line which tells you have a wrong grammar sentence. This have teach me when I have to using eat, ate, eaten. Blogging also make me to find a new word or we call it bombastic word. So I can stop using a same word in every time I post it.

Lastly, blogging make me to see how my friend creates their essays or their writing. I read and I will ask my self. Why she/he great in writing. Why don’t I?? This will make my feeling to compete to follow the right to be better than before.

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