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Sunday, 24 March 2013

What do you think of expressing your feeling throughout via e-diary (Blogging)

In my view, expressing my feeling throughout via e-diary (Blogging) is the great idea.
  1. You can express what do you think, you are right and what are wrong. This maybe will repair our own mistake.
  2. You will feel better when you express all what you feel in the blog. So in this way you can feel satisfied.
  3. Sometimes express feeling in the blog also have it disadvantages when you feel so angry, you will write a bad word or gossip about someone person. Blogging is open and everyone can read yours. So this will have misunderstanding with the lecturer or a classmate.

What do you expect for examination in BELL 311 subject

Of course when you ask everyone in this University they want to get A+ for their final exam same goes to me. But my expectation is not high because I know my own level. If I want good marks I have to work harder and study smart to get flying colours. 

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  1. I totally agree with you even though I feel a little bit burden to me to write a blog.If you want the best thing happen in you life you must work hard to get it.Writing in blog can improve our writing even we not realize it.