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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Forum Time ! (27 Feb 2013)

Today is going to have a speaking in forum.
We have 6 group with a different topic.
As I told you before, my topic is about

" How to reduce usage of plastic bag "

So my panels and I have ready to present the forum.
We have seen many group that present very well and present in a creative way .
I remember this situation when Ana as panel in group 5 make a shock action.
when she enter to the top show she make her shawl as a purdah


It was shock because she never act like that before this. Good job Ana :)*you very supporting
Miss Zu also feel happy with the show of forum, that we made.

My group is a last group, we was expecting that our group is being postpone in next week.
And alhamdulillah our doa was makbul.
It have been postpone to next Monday. YEHAAAAA !!!

Before we end the class, Miss Zu have told us to make a comment or choose who is the best moderator and panel.

Comment For moderator :

Ezani Zainal, in the beginning she seem a little bit nervous, after 5 minutes she getting okay and become a great moderator.
Atikah Ahmad of course she the best among the rest because she always present with her confidence.
Then, I also like when Nadia Zamri be a moderator, she was so energetic, funny, stylish and also supporting.
When Fikri Ismail be a moderator we know that our class is going to be entertaining because he have present with a "spontan" way.
Bariah Yunos, she have her own confidence. When she have a wrong in pronounsation she just chill like she didn't make any wrong. Her confidence was so high.

I think the best panel is Faiz Adha because he has his own style to talk with the audience.
Rozita also give a great info and a good example when she give a point. Actly all panels is the best for me.

that all for today xoxo PUBLSH !

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