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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Reduce plastic please! (4 March 2013)

Today is a nervous day for us :O because today we going to present a Forum .
A little bit messy when Syafiqah Azmi cannot come to class today,
because she have a period pain. I hope u getting well soon.
As I told u all before my group have 4 members.
When someone is absent, we only have 3 members which is 2 panel 1 moderator.

Wait A Minute, See The Planet
Faiz Othman as a prime minister of china
Nadiah Solehin as a housewife
Syafiqah Azmi as a CEO of TESCO

We have explain some fact about our planet that have destroy because of plastic bag.
We also give some ways to reduce using plastic bag.
Alhamdulillah it done well

Next, Miss Zu have give us a bright pink colour paper. It have 2 pages.

1 - Self editing
2 - Peer editing

We have to finish it this friday Miss Zu want the paper back .

Syafiqah and I was buzy in editing the references. We only have 5 references, actly we have a lot of references but we only use 5 material.

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