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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

3 Thesis Statement please ! (15 Jan 2013)

Assalamualaikum .

Today we came late to class , because we have QMT quiz and we have to finished it before we go to Bell class .. So we have rushing to the class  We was thought that Miss Zu will be angry but she doesn't hehehe syukur alhamdulilah .

Miss Zu have approved all the topic for term paper and have give types of writing . So ,Miss Zu want us to start do an outline form an essays and Miss Zu want 3 thesis statement in next week for her to choose which is the best thesis statement and suitable with the pattern .

 what is thesis statement ??

Thesis statement is NOT to general and NOT to specific .eg : trailer or preview .*Miss Zu said 

As you know, we have 5 types of essays
  1. Cause- Effect Essays .
  2. Problem-Solution Essays.
  3. Comparison-Contrats Essays .
  4. Argumentative Essays.
  5. Discussion Essays .
.Syafiqah and I have choose Argumentative Essays . For the Argumentative Essays it has 3 patterns for us to choose . We have to choose the Pattern -> create thesis statement -> outline . We have decide to choose pattern 1 : 

Pattern 1 

Introductory paragaph:
Introduction stating the thesis statement 
Pro 1,with topic sentence 
Pro 2, with topic sentence 
Pro 3, with topic sentence 

Body paragaph:
Con(s), with topic sentence + Refutation (s)

Concluding paragaph:
Conclusion summarising the main ideas o restating the thesis statement .

Miss Zu have give many example from past semester student , so we have an ideas for do an outline and thesis statement . Miss Zu want us to understand properly because we have to make an essays in Final exam and we to know which is Discussion essays and comparison-contarts essays . If we make a mistake when creating an essays . We will get 0 marks even you make 2 pages an essays .

So we must understand the format well .
To get the correct essays when you writing in Final Exam. 

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