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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Do the outline - Part 2 (5 Feb 2013)

Today we have to bring a Laptop to the class .. againn !!
We have repair the outline yesterday because we don't have a class at 4-6 pm .
We decide to finished it so tomorrow we can check with Miss Zu .. what mistake that we have ??

Miss Zu enter the class and check the group that Miss Zu did'nt check yesterday. Syafiqah and I was excited to check with Miss Zu because we want to finish it early so we can go back home with a good feeling

After check one by one ..
Miss Zu check our outline and Alhamdulillah she satisfied.

After that , we decide to print it and try to submit on Wednesday ..
Then, will Miss Zu is buzy check my classmate blog
(We at the back) Syafqah, Twins and I open someone blog that i adore.
She the girl that I respect because of some reasons .

Her name is Dena Bahrin.
She a blogger you alls ... so all can follow her.
She only 20's , she have married and now she have a cute baby.
and I love her fashion too ..


Hahaha after we buzy checking someone blog
It' already 6 o'clock.
Shutdown the laptop, and go to the pasar :)

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