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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Writing problem ???

Assalamualaikum , 
Hello people we meet again !

Writing Writing Writing 

I always have a problem in writing , I always waste my time to find a words to start an introduction . This problem of writing , since I was in standard school till the University .I don't know why ?? For me it totally difficult because i want to have a good introduction to open the readers eyes and interested to read my writing more and more .. sometimes i feel giveup to writing an essays . My mom always said " Sarah you have to read more to get more marks and don't let the thought of putting pen to paper daunt you ". I am the one that hard to read a fiction book, novel or newspaper. so my mum said try to read that can attract you to read . So she buy me a CLEO magazine . I really like it because magazine have the colourful colours that attract me to read it and also have variety tips in our daily life. I also have interested to find a bombastic words , so when the words is hard to me to understand . I will highlight it and find the words in dictionary .. wink3 . Starting from that i started buy a magazine. 

so here some simple steps that always Miss Nabila (ex lecturer) told us :-
  1. Decide on your topic
  2. Prepare an outline / diagram of your ideas 
  3. Write the thesis statement
  4. Write the body
  5. Write the main points 
  6. Write the subpoints 
  7. Elaborate on the subpoints
  8. Write the conclusion
  9. Add the finishing touches .

My view in writing, the introduction is very important.. I'm also not good on writing but I will try my best to write an essay for this semester. A writer also have writing problem . So every people have it difficult time but we have to study hard and smart . Just wrote than didn't wrote anything .

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