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Thursday, 13 December 2012

That's Shocking !! (11/12/2012)

Assalamualaikum ,
Today class is at U214 and start at 4.00pm-6.00pm .

         Tuesday have a “pasar malam “ in our mind hopefully our class is finished early . Miss Zu enter the class and start with the presentation and then Miss Zu was wrote something in the white board . She wrote “ THAT’S SHOCKING “ hahaha it’s a game .

Miss Zu ask we to take a A4 paper then wrote 4 statements that can make ourclassmates shock  . hahaha interesting game . After  you wrote it , we have to make it as an aeroplane . Then we have to throw it . Make It fly away----- we have to take the aeroplane that’s not ours and have to present in front of people ..
Then Miss Zu pickes Fatin to open her aeroplane and tell people what was wrote in the paper . This game is extremely funny . We all can know many new thing about our classmates habit and bad experience. 

My aeroplane have been taken by Zubaidah . She read it loudly but my classmates can know that person is me . When Zubaidah read my no 2 statement which is collector of toys .=,= .. orhh .. Then it;s my turn to read ,after read it Miss Zu asked me to guess the person . hahaha HOW DO I KNOW ,who's that person . So i guess Fatin but it's wrong ..  Actly the person is Eika Ahmad . We have an enjoy moments till forget about the pasar malam .. Thanks Miss Zu 

This is my aeroplane . Rozita teach me how to made it
Thanks Rozita :)

Barieya , Inayah , I and Syafiqah aeroplane 

The boys is getting ready to make their aeroplane flyyyyyyyyyyy

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