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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Introduce your friend (10/12/2012)

Assalamualaikum , 
Happy monday .. class Bell have start at 2.10 pm - 3.50 pm 

       When Miss Zu enter the class, she have picked number 12( i guess ..) which is Nawi and Nadiah.  As i told you all before we have to make a presentation to intoduce your friends .  Actly , Solihin and I is not ready yet . While waiting Nawi and Nadiah present i wrote everything about Solihin . Thanks God , I know Solihin well because we a very close when we have a math class . So we always goes to study group . So i know a little bit about him . In the same time , Miss Zu have angy with the group presentation that not satisfied him. She give me 10minutes to discuss with your own partner . 

Then my name have being picked by Khairul Barieya . HAIHHHH .. So it's time to when present .I have to tell about Solihin biodata and 4 facts about him and one of the 4 facts is false, they must guess one false statement about Solihin . Solihin do a same thing like i do. Alhamdulillah our presentation satisfied Miss Zu but we have got a lot of mistaked in grammar . Insyaallah we all will take an action with the grammar mistake ....  

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