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Friday, 14 December 2012

Blogger in the Lab (12/12/2012)

Assalamualaikum , 
Today class is at CLL2 . Wee it's computer lab .. First time we enter that class after 3 semester in UiTM Segamat . It quick interesting :) It have 30 computer to student use it . 

Miss Zu have asked we to make a blog but some of my classmate still didn't have a blog and do not know how to use it . Alhamdulillah i have an experience blogging . So i as a FRIEND ... try my best to help them . Today class is creating a blog . Miss Zu always said to us " Don't feel burden " and she said 
" I Want You To Help Me To Help You " . That words make me realise ...

We as a student must follow what ever task that she give to us . 
 Then we also start following with each others.. I have see many kind of name that their use hahaha . In the same time , i have found Inayah Blog in 2010 and WawaAli Old Blog hahaha ,it's was interesting . 

Then Miss Zu told us the 7 things MUST inserted in the blog :-

  1. Your view of writing 
  2. Your view of blogging 
  3. 1st entry- Monday (3/12/12)
  4. 2nd entry- Tuesday (4/12/12)
  5. 3rd entry- Monday (5/12/12)
  6. 4th entry- Tuesday (10/12/12)
  7. 5th entry- Wednesday (11/12/12)

Before we end the Bell class , Miss Zu have ask we to find a pair ...AGAIN ,but this time to make an essay with a new topic .For example AES camera to catch car that driving in the high speed .
Miss Zu said she want that topic in next Monday .. and my classmates said WHATTTTT !! 
Miss Zu " Yahh , i want it next monday , dont feel burden student . I just want a topic and a point " 
Me " fuhh i thought Miss Zu want an essays " 
so my pair is Syafiqah Salleh . 

insyaallah we will find a interesting topic to make an essays :) 
we us luck . BYE2

Me with the half face --' ,Inayah , Barieya and Syafiqah ..

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