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Monday, 31 December 2012

Reject Reject Reject ! ( 18 Dec 2012 )

Assalamualaikum , 
Today our class is at U214.

I'm so excited today because i want to present about my essays topic . I have make this topic 2 days before  I came to class . I have a lot of topic . When the class started ,Miss Zu have ask for a volunteer to present our essays . So, Syafiqah and I have decided to present but we was very disappointed when we present Miss Zu not in the good mood ,she was angry . Actually,I'm didn't know to make the essays topic . We have a problem at the topic .Then , we also have being scold because we don't have many material or evident to show to Miss Zu about our essays topic. After that, my mood totally down , because i not expect Miss Zu will scold like that and i wish that Miss Zu will show the right way to make a essays topic .

This is my topic that have been rejected ..

  • Flodded by garbage.
  • The Culture victimisation at shopping Mall.
  • Theraphy for cancer patient .
  • Internet using among UiTM student 
  • Prank .
 We redha and always try to find a great topic for my mid term essays topic .Everyone make mistake , and we try to repair our problem in making essays topic . 

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