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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Class cancel .. (5/12/2012)

Assalamualaikum , 
Today class has being delay at 4.30pm .. YES ! YES !
Our CTU class have finished early , so we have 1 hour before Bell class begined then Syafiqah , Barieya , Inayah and I goes to the libary to fnd statistic reference .Hence, we also go to the unimart at uptown to buy some food to eat . At 4.20pm .. we move to SL .We was so excited it was our first time at computer lab in UiTM . After that we see no body was there . Then i check my phone , it's has 2 messages that informed class have being cancel . A little bit dissapointed , cause we have arrived at CL but realised that class have being cancel ..


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