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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Purpose ??


Ohh my english ,
To me bad english is becoming a trend ! don't you think ?? more often than not , we (or rather i ) purposely use sentences with glaring grammatical errors to sound casual and funny . When coversing with friends , I would jokingly translate all my Malays words to English without charging the sentence structure ...
so... THIS NEW SEMESTER ,my english lecterur have told us told make a
 Blog special for Bell 311 will call it "English For Academic Purpose "
Hmm is a quick hard but insyaallah i will try my best to throw away my glaring grammatical errors and try to speak english oftenly with my friend and family . 

Top Ten Reasons You Must Create A Blog in ENGLISH :-

  • To improve your skills writing espicially in BELL 311 test examination
  • To  learn a lot by researching the grammatical errors 
  • Can make you easier when your writing an essays in examinantion 
  • Will be happier and more confident 
  • You will come to know yourself much better
  • You can learn new bombastic words
  • You will never again have to fear being called on the speak 
  • English will help you in futher , when you want study , work and bla bla bla .. all of this use english so make a blog in to improve your english 
  • Will avoid you from get a shame with the glaring grammatically when you do a presentation or go for interview .
That all from me .. insyaallah i will share more info about  Importance of ENGLISH 

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