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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New semester New Book (3/12/2012)

New semester have begin ..
 Alhamdulillah semester two done with a good result ,
My parents proud of me even I’m not getting a deanlist result but my parents see my increasing in every semester . In the beginning I’m a little bit disappointed  with my result but when I see my parents happy with my result I feel that I don’t have to get disappointed , but I have to study harder + smarter to have a great result .. okay2 stop with my result story .

           Now I have start third semester in UiTM Segamat Johor .. Our class begin at 8.00 am ...hmm to be honest it’s hard to wakeup after I have a long semester break . First classes is Finance 242 our classes at BK or we call it Bilik Kayangan hehehe actly I’m not sure . Second classes is extremely scared when it’s goes to Language subject which is Arab 101. When we start Arab classes , the lecterur talk everything in Bahasa Arab .. and I just BLANK and then my lecterur ask all student to introduce himself in Arab language  arhhhh for this time I not only BLANK but i feel that i want to transfer to other classes .After 1 hours with Miss Munirah i realise that Arab language it’s not harder as I espect , Arab language is interesting when we have a interested to learn .Insyaallah 

        In 2.10 Pm we all going to DSP or Dewan Seri Peria . YAH YAH YAH it’s nervous to get a English lecterur because I have a bad experience to have a English teacher when I’m in standard 5 in school . I came early 1.45pm because I want to be punctual ececeh . Then I see one beautiful woman walk with the high heels shoes, when I see her face It’s make me think about The Famous teacher at youtube “Cikgu Shida dari Parit “ . hehehe sorry miss zu and my lecterur name is Miss Zuraidah Binti Sumery .. she have her own style .. we love it  . As usuall we have introducing session but with miss Zu she has it’s own way .. which is we have to make a 2 circle then it will turn around to change a partner . We have giving 2 topic to speak with friends

1.Introduce about yourself  
2. Malaysia versus Indonesia (AFF SUZUKI Sport). 

It is quick interesting :)

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