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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

We Must Create A Blog (4/12/2012)

Assalamualaikum ,
Today BELL 311 class start at 4.00-6.00pm . Seriusly !! when the class in the  evening everyone will feel tired and sleepy  but when Miss Zu enter the class she have bring the energy for us . Then, we start our  class as usual . Miss Zu have asked student to recall back what we have study in BELL semester 1 and 2 .
In my mind ,just think about the graph and pie chart but what the tittle ??? BLANK AGAIN  -.-
This semester we have to learn five types of essay which is :-

v  Argumentative Essay
v  Similar and compare Essay
v  Cause and effect Essay
v  Discussion Essay 
v  Problem solve evolution Essay

Then Miss Zu have said about google translate , Nowdays many student use google translate to make an essays ,sentence and idoms … I’m using it also, but my brother always ask me to stop using the google translate . I know the google translate have many errors because it translate all malays words directly to English without charging the sentence structure … it so hilarious !!

Back to Miss Zu class, when she talk about it I was laughing cause I very familiar with google translate then she ask me what do you know about GOOGLE TRANSLATE . I answer  “ google translate has many tutttttttttttttt.. (BLANK AGAIN)“ Miss Zu was angry she ask me what if you have a speaking test do you will speak with that answer … Actly , I’m the person that cannot be direct ask by teacher / lecterur . I think I have the sytomps of nervous ..  In that  time I feel shame and it’s make me motivate to speak in English with the confident ..  insyaallah .Then after class i have call my mom about my problem then my mom tell me to 
study hard in every subject i take . Then my mom brought me this book ..

Thanks Ibu .. 
I will put some information that have in this book in every post in this blog 

Continueee… with Miss Zu class

She ask we to divided into a pair to introduce your friends biodata and 4 facts about him and guess one of the wrong fact . I have be pair with MOHD SOLIHIN BIN MOHD GHAZALI . arhhh why himmm ..  to know more see yaa in my next post . Salam J

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