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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

It still being rejected !! (1 Jan 2013)

Assalamualaikum ,
Today class is at Usahawan 214
Miss Zu have ask we to present about our new topic , we have choose " The causes and effect : student malaysian want to study abroad " We have a lot of material unfortunately this topic also being rejected . We really sad and we almost give up , I get jealous when my classmate have a topic but we didnt . In my mind , always think about a topic Ya Allah please help us .. when we study Bell in the class syafiqah and I lose of focus because think about a great topic to Miss Zu . I didnt sleep because have to find a topic for our essays . I have ask my friend , my parents and others . When i call my mom and always ask her to pray for us that our topic is not being rejected again .Only Allah knows our feelings :'(

Today we learn summarizing...
is the reproduction of a passage using fewer words . You can see more in BELL311 text book page 28-30 

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